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How To Hide Last Seen Timestamp in WhatsApp

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If you are a Whatsapp user, then you must also be thinking about a way to stop the last seen stamp. Here is how you can hide the last seen timestamp in Whatsapp on you iPhone as well as Android phone.


Apple iPhone Users

 For all the Apple iPhone users, you need to do the below to hide the last seen timestamp in Whatsapp.

 Go to Settings->Chat Settings –> Advanced.

 Here, switch off the ‘last seen timestamp’ setting to hide the last online stamp in whatsapp.

 For all the Android phone users, there is no setting available to hide the last seen timestamp in whatsapp. However, there is a small trick using which you can do so.

Android Phone Users

First, know that there are ways in all Android phones using which you can get connected with the internet. These are – WiFi or WLAN, Cellular or Data Connection. Then, there is something called “Airplane Mode” which disabled the data connection as well as phone’s connectivity. Here is how to make use of the above settings to do the trick of hiding last seen timestamp in Whatsapp on your android phone.

Switch Off your Android phone’s Wi-Fi and Cellular connection. Or, put it in Airplane mode.

Now, Open the Whatsapp and read, create and send messages.

Now, close the Whatsapp application.

Turn on the phone’s connectivity again and it will automatically sunc with the servers to fetch and send the messages, however, without the time stamp this time.

 Android phone has couple of Apps on Google play store that can help you to do the above steps automatically. These are Whatsapp Hide Last seen, Ditch HIDE Last Seen WhatsApp.

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