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How to Find dofollow Blogs using Google Search

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Majority of the bloggers and website owners on web get stuck with just one issue most of the time which is – how to find dofollow blogs. This is a regular part of their link building exercise. This is because of the only fact that most of the search engines today gives maximum weightage to the dofollow links in calculating the ranks for websites and web pages. Although, a nofollow link is not that bad always as you can get lots of referral traffic if you have been able to place a link to your site on a popular blog or website even when it is a nofollow. However, these nofollow links don’t appear in the list of back links to your site in most of the search engines. It is the toughest part today to find the dofollow blogs easily. In fact, there is not even a single sure shot method using which you can get the list of dofollow blogs on the net. Ofcourse, you may find tons of websites, blogs claiming about providing such list of dofollow blogs. However, if you have tried using any of such list, you would have found none of them has an actual and valid dofollow blogs listed there. The reason is quite obvious, the blog owner of the dofollow blogs don’t always tend to list their blogs in such lists because these lists can be quite easily found by the spammer who would use this information in spamming the blogs listed there. Such lists are much more vulnerable to spammers than any thing else. Let me explain you about some easy way out on how to find dofollow blogs using Google search query only. 

How to find dofollow blogs Using Google


how-to-find-dofollow-blogs-using-google-search Most of the blog owners make their blogs as dofollow as a strategy to attract lots of visitors to their site and blog. That is the reason you will not find many do follow blogs and sites which are popular or quite established ones. Hence, blog owners of dofollow blogs tend to promote themselves in some ways to invite the attention of people and make them visit their blog and leave comments. One common method adopted by these dofollow blog owners is to put a image or a badge as shown in picture which acts as their promotional ad and can easily get noticed by the visitors. So, this trick is to search for blogs and sites which have employed and implemented such “U comment, I follow” or other such types of badges. You can find this quite easily using google search queries in image search as listed below;

Keyword inurl:ifollow*.gif
Keyword ifollow*.gif

You should replace the word “keyword” in the above search query with the niche of the blogs you are searching for e.g. you are looking to find dofollow blogs in the SEO category then, the above search queries will become ;

SEO inurl:ifollow*.gif
SEO ifollow*.gif

(I again repeat, please use above search queries in Google images search and not in web search because we are actually trying to get to dofollow blogs through  any of these images being used on the blogs).

There are many more such combinations which you can use to find;






Also, to create and use more combinations, you can replace gif with other image formats like png and jpg.

Although, this is the most easy and fastest method of finding dofollow blogs as on date, however, this is not 100% foolproof. Even with this method, don’t expect all the blogs that show up in search results to be dofollow always. This is may be because that particular blog must have been changed to nofollow from dofollow subsequently in the past whereas Google is displaying results from the cache. Also, please be contented with the fact that some of these blogs would have never been a dofollow but still they may be showing up in these results because of the presence of dofollow image or badge on their site. The blog owner may have used the same image in some other context, for example, as a supporting image in one of his /her post (like, I am using it here). Nevertheless, this method still remains the fastest ever in searching dofollow blogs and even if you are able to find only few dofollow blogs using this method, it is worth the effort spent.

I have tried to answer in best possible way to the question of how to find dofollow blogs using Google.Do share your feedback and please free to add if you know or using any other method to find dofollow blogs.

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