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How to Check the Mobile Phone’s Compatibility Across Operators of Other Countries

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It could be a common problem when the country from where you buy the mobile phone and the country where you are going to use it – are different. It could be because of many technical reasons – the main reason could be the mismatch of the frequency bands of different operators in different countries.


You can make use of Phone Features and Specs Finder Database. From the database, you can find the 2G and 3G frequency bands that are supported by your mobile phone (from specs). Now, you need to compare the same with that of mobile operator’s frequency bands. You can do by either by calling your operator or via their official website. If they do match, then you mobile phone is quite compatible to be used in that country. If not, then you may not be able to use your mobile phone in that country.

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However, a quad-band GSM mobile phone is compatible with most of the GSM networks of the world wide.

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