How to Buy Aakash Computer and Pre-book UbiSlate Tablet PC Online

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We have been providing quite in detailed information about world’s cheapest tablet – Akash computer since its launch in October. Akash computer was launched with around 10000 devices distributed free of cost to the students by India’s HRD minister Mr Kapil Sibal. The manufacturing company of Aakash – DataWind’s CEO Suneet Singh Tuli informed on the same day about the forthcoming commercial, retail, non-student version of the tablet. Retail version of the akash computer tablet has been named as Ubislate and expected to be available at a price of Rs 2999 from first week of December 2011.


We have seen lots of people showing keen interest in buying this tablet. Most of these people are from students category. However, many are non-students but who can not afford the other expensive mobiles, tablets and computers. Aakash or UbiSlate has indeed given an opportunity for everyone in this country (and even world) to own a computer /tablet at cheapest ever price.

Tablet Aakash and its cheapest ever price has been able to generate so much curiosity worldwide that many other countries have also shown an interest in launching this tablet for their country people.


Booking Aakash Tablet Online for Students & Others in India

Check out the below sections to find out how you can buy Akash computer online and pre-book UbiSlate tablet online. The same procedure needs to be followed for booking aakash tablet online for students in India

Aakash Computer Delivery and Payment Method Details

In the recent update by the company and Indian Govt., Akash computer has been made available for retail selling from company’s official site However, presently it will be delivered only to selected few individuals at a price of Rs. 2500 as company has recieved pre-booking orders more than what it can deliver currently. So, it is expected that currently only 40000 individuals may be able to get Aakash tablet delivered and rest of the people will have to wait for their turn to get Aakash tablet.  Don’t be surprised, however, if you find the official websites for the company named and as down and unaccessible ( or getting error like – HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable). This is because of the heavy simultaneous access and usage of these websites by thousands of people worldwide. If you find these sites as down or unaccessible just wait for sometime before accessing it again. Aakash tablet is available only for online sale only and that too with the cash on delivery (CoD) payment method. There is no other pre-payment or credit / debit card payment method available as yet. Only book Aakash tablet online by filling up form and pay cash at the time of delivery of Aakash tablet.

Click here to buy Aakash Tablet online with 7 days (seven days) or one week delivey time and with cash on delivery payment method.

Please also note that the upgraded model UbiSlate is still not available for sale and is expected to come up for retailing only in January 2012. Till date time, however, you can only pre-book UbiSlate tablet.

Check more details below about pre-booking of UbiSlate tablet.

How to Buy (Pre-booking) Akash Computer or UbiSlate Tablet Online (For Students & Others)

Retail and commercial version of this akash computer has already received about 3 Lakhs of pre-launch booking or pre-booking orders at the dirt low price of Rs 2999.

“The bookings for Aakash have been done without any money received in advance. We have identified an operator for a data plan at Rs 99 a month,” said Datawind CEO Suneet Singh Tuli, who claimed the data streaming technology offered by his company could make internet access costs virtually free.

Although, company has not yet disclosed about the selling mechanism for Aakash in retail market. It is expected to be done via some retail chains. However, company has already started accepting pre-booking orders for Aakash from its own website.

Click here to pre-book your order for UbiSlate tablet.

You will just need to fill up a form providing some personal and contact details. After successful submission, you will get a booking id at your email id. You have to keep that booking id for all the correspondence and reference purposes. After this, a sales representative from the company will be contacting you and informing you about the payment and delivery options.

Please do let us know in case you face any problem in buying or making a pre-booking Akash computer (UbiSlate) tablet.

Beware of Fake Buy Offers for Aaksh UbiSlate Tablet PC.

So, have you booked your akash computer as yet or not?

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40 Responses to “How to Buy Aakash Computer and Pre-book UbiSlate Tablet PC Online”

  1. Prakash sahoo

    Nov 19. 2011

    I am in odisha.How can i get this akash laptop?

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  2. king

    Nov 20. 2011

    registered many times but not recieved the booking id……,,,,,, wats the prob

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  3. Ajay VJ

    Nov 21. 2011

    As per the instructions provided in your website, I’ve submitted the registration form and got the response “Thank You. We have received your information. An email would be sent to you shortly with your UbiSlate Booking ID”. Unfortunately, I’m yet to receive any mail or booking id or not even an acknowlegement from your end. Please let me know what exactly is happening !?

    Thank you and looking forward to your reply on the same

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    • Maninder

      Nov 22. 2011

      Some times delay may happen from the company (Datawind) side in generating and informing the booking id. However, please do check junk/spam folder of your emails, the email might have gone into that folder.Otherwise, you can drop a follow up email directly to DataWind company for that.

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  4. Ajay V J

    Nov 23. 2011

    I’ve registered via your website for booking an Aakaash UBISlate. But unfortunately I’m yet to receive the respective booking id. Please update me regarding the current status of the same.

    Thank you
    Ajay VJ

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  5. G.Rajesh

    Nov 24. 2011

    I am very exited to buy and use Aakash tablet’pc

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  6. kulbir

    Nov 27. 2011

    from where I can purchase this Aakash tablet pc in chandigarh

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  7. dhara parekh

    Dec 03. 2011

    How can I buy tablet pc aakash in my city vadodara?

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  8. kotni.kishore kumar

    Dec 04. 2011

    As per the instructions provided in your website, I’m going to register through this website to book an Akaash UBISLATE.

    Thank you and looking forward to your reply on the same,

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  9. vasdev

    Dec 14. 2011

    I’ve registered via your website for booking an Aakaash UBISlate. But unfortunately I’m yet to receive the respective booking id. Please update me regarding the current status of the same

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  10. kuldeep

    Dec 17. 2011

    i’m student but i want to purchase ubislet in student rate online,HOW CAN I DO IT?

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    • Maninder

      Dec 20. 2011

      kuldeep – UbiSlate model is a non-student retail model. As a student you can get Aakash only. If you need buy UbiSlate you will have to buy it at the retail market price.

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  11. Pushkar parashar

    Dec 18. 2011

    I get my booking id but i do not get any message on my e-mail address, is my product is booked?

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    • Maninder

      Dec 20. 2011

      Pushkar – if you got the booking id, then your product is booked. Must check in your junk/spam folder, in case email has reached there. Otherwise, write to company to get the confirmation.

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  12. Yogesh

    Dec 19. 2011

    There seems to be a lot of issues with the Aakash tablet site. First of all the site is down most of the time, the order form does not work on all the browser, most of the time it gives error.
    on day one it only has the email ID and Phone number, but not they have again changed it to add the address as well. after submitting the form it show thankyou message and confirn the ID, but in mail instead of UBIslate details it gives detail config for the earlier lower version of Aakash tablet :-)
    people has booked it using both the forms and most of them have still not received the booking ID by mail. aslo, the toll free number is always busy. There is no way to track your booking and most of us dont know when we would be actually receiving it. Not sure why they had not done proper testing of the site, since it was so abvious there is going to be huge traffick on this site and its going to be difficult to keep track of all this issues.
    Hope we would receive the quality tablet without any issues. :-) fingers crossed!

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    • Maninder

      Dec 20. 2011

      Yogesh – you are right. Company’s sites are indeed getting unaccessible many times owing to heavy loads. Better to always get in touch with the company at their official email and get the confirmation of your order (you can also try to call them at their toll free number but in case it is not reachable, you can write to them).

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  13. Ajay

    Dec 19. 2011

    I pre ordered ubislate
    few days ago and got a booking
    id after few min later but just
    now I again got a booking id and
    it does not hav datawind logo or
    anything like that. I think its
    Phishing, to get my original
    id. . . . . Did any of u got the
    email like this
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Please ignore the previous
    Your correct Booking ID
    in the Subject Line of this
    Someone from our sales team
    would get in touch with you
    provide you with
    the payment and delivery
    The commercial version of the
    UbiSlate would be launched in
    early weeks of
    After the commercial launch
    would get in touch with you to
    deliver your
    device as soon possible.
    Support Executive
    Contact No.: 1800-180-2-180
    [image: Description:

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    • Maninder

      Dec 20. 2011

      Ajay – Best thing is to get in touch with the company for the clarification. It could be case of phishing but then it could be a genuine repeated email from the company’s side. i heard due to excessive loads, company server are indeed getting into troubles many times. So it could be an outcome of the same.

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  14. karan

    Dec 21. 2011

    I prebooked the UbiSlate 7 and even got my booking id but still i have not been contacted by any representative to inform me about the delivery and payment….i wanna know the expected date of delivery if possible

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  15. Bhavik

    Dec 21. 2011

    I had prebooked my ubislate but i didnt receivd any response in my email id for buking id or anythng else s

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  16. praveen chowdary

    Dec 22. 2011

    i have already booked aakash ubislate contact with 18001802180 .amount off 2,999 and i’am waiting for it

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  17. SDAS

    Dec 22. 2011

    Dear Sir

    Whenever i am calling 1800 180 2 180, it plays “sorry , your call couldn’t be processed”. Do you have any idea.

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    • Yogesh Kulkarni

      Jan 04. 2012

      Hi I am form Thane-Mumbai-Maharashtra .. I also get the same message .. What to do ?

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    Dec 24. 2011

    How can i buy the aakash mini computer

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  19. Naseer khan

    Jan 19. 2012

    Dear Sir
    I registered for the pc tablet but i have not recived a call from ur exective even i have got the id from u.
    Naseer khan

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  20. neeraj

    Jan 21. 2012

    i booked my ubislate on the 21st dec…booking ID is PM35C9EA1664. cuold you please tell me the exact date of delivery.its been so late & how much extra time is left to be delivered…
    please reply promptly.

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  21. Prabhu

    Feb 24. 2012

    Hi:-) I Need To Buy A Akash PC tablet in a student rate.. How can i get it? I am expecting ur reply?

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  22. ajay mali

    Mar 07. 2012

    Sir I’ll book aakash i get the boking id also but i want to know when i’ll get the aakash .
    thanks sir to launch this tablet

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  23. manikanta chowdary

    Mar 16. 2012

    sir i’am student of jntuk i ordered for akash tablet but i had not received any information can you check this sir

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  24. Ramasamy

    Apr 26. 2012

    Already I ordered the akash computer.,, I paid the Amout through DD also..But now No results from you,,,,,, when will you provide??? Lots of times I called,but you didn’t attend..

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  25. K srinivas reddy

    Feb 19. 2013

    Sir iam srinivas reddy from andhrapradesh sir how can i buy aakash tablet 3 give me reply sir and i would i buy 8686971975

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  26. vikasdeepsingh

    Apr 03. 2013

    sir i’ll book aakash i get the boking id also but want to know when i’ll ,get the aakash thanks sir to launch this tablet…

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    Apr 25. 2013

    Dear Mr Singh,
    I had PREBOOKED UBISLATE in 2012 with ADVANCE payment and waited for 1 Year. They asked me to upgrade my choice in Jan 2013 which I did and they again asked me to pay upon delivery, which is RIDICULOUS…They DO NOT READ E mails or probably don’t understand English.. I am overseas and they have no Contact number to call.

    NOW I have mailed them twice to REFUND… NO RESPONSE…Seems they have gobbled up the money from SEVERAL customers like me…. Seems I have to take them to COURT !!!! For the info of all who are interested in UBISLATE..!!! BEWARE

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  28. anisha

    Jul 18. 2013

    I am very exited to buy and use Aakash tablet’pc

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