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In my earlier post, I explained about what a twitter hashtag is and how you can use twitter hashtags within your tweets to get more visitors and followers. However, most of the bloggers generally use some tool which picks up the latest blog post from their site’s feed and tweets automatically to his/her twitter account. This leaves a little room for you to manually add a hashtag to the tweet because there is no manual intervention between publishing of your post and subsequent publishing of post title as a tweet to twitter. A large number of bloggers generally use some feed burning service to burn their feed and offer them to their readers. One such service which a large number of people use is the Feedburner. There are many other services as well, but to make it simple, allow me to take the example of Google’s feedburner (obviously, also because I am using it too for my blog). Now, its pretty simple and easy to incorporate the insertion of twitter hashtags in your tweets automatically if you are using feedburner to burn the feed. This will also explain that you can use feedburner not only to offer RSS feed to your readers but to tweet automatically to your twitter followers as soon as you publish a post on your blog.

How to Customize  Feedburner to Auto Tweet your Posts and Add Hashtags automatically




Let me explain how you can enable the automatic publishing of your posts as a tweet to your twitter account as well as insert twitter hashtags within the same tweet before publishing in feedburner.

Login to feedburner account and go to the desired feed (if you are burning multiple feeds).

Go to Publicize tab.

Click Socialize on the left.

On the screen that appears, click “Add a Twitter account” button if you have not yet added. If you have your twitter account added already, then proceed to next step otherwise, fill up all the required details to add your twitter account successfully in feedburner.

On the same screen from where you added and linked your twitter account, look for formatting options box. Within this box, from the Hash Tags drop down, just select the option “ Create hash tags from item categories” and click Save at the bottom. Before saving, you can also check the preview in the preview box.

Now, you will find that the post categories automatically get converted to hashtags (as you can see in preview box as well) before it gets tweeted to your followers. Hence, it really saves a big deal of effort on your part and you can also get all the inherited benefits of twitter hashtags automatically without bothering about or spending any extra time and effort.

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