“Hell Is Other People,” an amazing app developed by a NYU graduate

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Technology has surely taken a big step towards building a new generation. Now, everyone can live their life with full ease and comfort. We have seen so many smart phones and supporting apps, budding in the global market. Everything has just changed the way we used to live our life before.  Recently, we have witnessed another advent of technology that can make our life more simplified. Now, it is no longer a difficult task to find your friends who always irritates you. You can very easily find them and avoid of being clashed with them at café or school. Thanks to the newly developed app that can assist you by informing you about the destination of your friends. Not only this, it can also help you by suggesting best possible routes to avoid them. The app is said to be developed by a US student as per the reports.

Hell is the other people
Web shot of the app which shows how you can avoid your friends and find a safe zone for yourself

Avoid directions taken by your friends with the help of new app

The app is named as “Hell Is Other People“. It is an anti-social media that can help you to get rid-off with unwanted social meetings. It operates with the help of Four Square a location-based social networking website for mobile devices in order to track

Hell is the other people app
find out here, how you can you avoid your friends

down the entry made by friends to find out the best directions and areas to side-step them. Unlike social media, this app is a perfect example of anti-social media. It helps in limiting the socialization process whereas the latter builds up the socialization.

Learn how you can utilize this app to place yourself in a secured zone

According to a leading international television channel, this anti-social media app is the invention of a New York University based graduate student Scott Garner. The revolutionary app is said to be a major advancement in the field of technology. However, it is very difficult to create the app but on the contrary much easier to operate by a lay person. The first thing he or she needs to do is to connect his or her Four Square account with “Hell is Other People.”

How this app (Hell Is Other People) will work?

Just after connecting with the app, it will start giving you an avoidance map. The map will show orange and green points. Orange points indicate towards the check-ins points made by other users, while green points signify “optimally distanced secured zones,” as recommended by the app.

Anti-social media app
Orange points indicate towards the check-ins points made by other users, while green points signify “optimally distanced secured zones”.

The adjunct faculty member of New York University, James George thinks that it was a perfect interpretation of his idea. His final task required scholars to generate a system that allowed human beings to work in a definite way.

Now, we can very easily avoid our unwanted friends whenever required.

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