Have You Seen a Flexible, Bendable Screen Mobile Phone? [Pics]

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Leading mobile phone manufacturing companies like Nokia, Samsung and Apple have been working on the technology that can make your mobile phone flexible enough that you can really bend it the way you like. It sounds a bit too easy that it actually is. Most common misconception is that you only require the outer glass to be flexible enough so that you can bend it and keep it in your pocket. However, it is not that easy because apart from the glass, there are lots of internal components like battery etc. So, it is a big challenge to make a phone that have all the components that can be bend easily.

Samsung’s Youm flexible-display technology

Samsung made a debut with Youm flexible-display technology at CES 2013. Take a look at the pictures below.

Samsung brought out a handful of demo units around 5-inches in size to show press, including a phonelike device with a screen that wraps around the side edges and could therefore display information like text messages and other alerts without a user needing to view the entire screen. A similar design puts the wraparounds on the bottom, while another concept (shown off in a video) rolled out like a scroll.

mobile phone with flexible screensamsung youm flexible display mobile picsSamsung's Youm flexible display tech mobile phone

Nokia’s flexible user interface prototype demo Video

Below video demonstrates Nokia’s “kinetic device,” a working prototype of a lightly twistable handheld mobile device that CNET reporter Stephen Shankland saw in London in 2011.

So, how do you like the idea of mobile devices which you can roll and/or bend and keep them in your pocket the way you like.

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