Happy Holidays from Google! Doodle Way

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Happy Holidays from Google! – is  the title of the todays Google Doodle signifying the holiday season with Christmas and New year coming up. Google has the history of celebrating special events, birthdays, anniversaries and even holidays via its special Google Doodle mark twain way. Google doodle is nothing but a special decorated Google logo appearing on some special day. Today’s Google doodle is Google’s way to convey the holiday seasons, Christmas and New year wishes to its users. Google’s has been using Doodle’s since 1998 and till date has created hundreds of Doodle. Google has recently revamped its Doodle site and now all of Google Doodles including the all the past Doodles can be accessed on its new Google Doodle site -www.google.com/doodles.

Happy Holidays from Google! – Doodle

Have a look at the doodle image as well as read about what all it consists of that signifies the holidays season. If you look at any of Doodle logo, you will find some special design which signifies the day. Same is true with today’s logo which marks the significance of holidays, festivals and gifts.

Happy Holidays from Google!  – Doodle Logo Image

Below is the Google Doodle logo image – Happy Holidays from Google!. . Have a look below at this beautiful Google Doodle and we also take this opportunity to wish our readers a Merry Christmas and a very happy new year ahead.


Happy Holidays from Google! – Doodle Logo Elements

Happy Holidays from Google! Doodle has all the elements signifying the special occasion of holidays, Christmas, New year and gifts. It has snowflakes, Santa Claus, a bell, snowman, candle and of course a gift pack. Google Logo is appearing as a faint outline behind these symbols on a dark background signifying a night sky.

So how did you like Happy Holidays from Google! Doodle. 🙂

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