HackTik Gets Google Sitelinks and Improved Traffic

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After a recent big  increase in number of visitors to our technology blog – HackTik, we found another reason to feel good about. That good reason is that HackTik has got Google Sitelinks and much improved traffic. So, now if you do a google search for “hacktik”, you will find our listing in the results do contain six extra links for an easy navigation (as you can see in the image). Best part is we have been able to get Google sitelinks within a short span of time (around just 7 months). The algorithm for generating google sitelinks for a site is totally automated at the moment. There are many factors that are taken into account while generating Google sitelinks. Some of these are quality content, site’s internal link structure, number of visitors to the site and backlinks etc. If you want to know more about Google sitelinks, then you can read here. So, as you can realize that Google sitelinks helps quite a lot to improve the traffic to your website.


How Does Google Sitelinks help to Improve Traffic

It is quite simple. When a person gets to see fairly good number of links in the search results related to your site or blog, then obviously, he/she tends to click at least any of these.So, you don’t really miss out on any traffic which you would have otherwise, had sitelinks not been there and there was just one navigation link (of  home page) for the user to click. Hence, Google sitelinks helps a lot to improve traffic to your website and blog.

How to Get Google Sitelinks to Improve Traffic

There is no manual way either to generate the google sitelinks for your site or even request google to do it. It is entirely an automated process and depends upon the above listed factors. So, only way to get the google sitelinks is to improve your site or blog for the quality content and backlinks and internal links structure.

You must use good and relevant anchor text and alt text for all of the internal links so as to get noticed by google.

In our case, we have been able to do all the above with quite an easy and faster because we used wordpress thesis theme. Thesis theme really helped us improve the overall SEO for the site and that includes the internal link structures as well.

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