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Hackers find another link of Duqu Virus

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There was an unknown bug in the Microsoft Corp Windows Operating system but now investigators believed and claimed that there are chances that this bug might have connections with ‘Duqu’ Virus. Security experts are considering this virus as a next big cyber threat and issuing various security updates for customers to deal with this virus. They are afraid that in future it can be spread on the internet. Programmers are doing hard to find out the ways to deal with this new problem and they are also planning to release a software which will act as a Windows Firewall and detect and reject the Duqu virus as and when need arises.


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Stuxnet like Duqu Virus Infects and Spreads via Word documents

Duqu virus was detected in October by security software makers of Symantec Corp. They mentioned that they have found a strange computer virus which has similar coding which was found in malicious software known as Stuxnet, responsible for disordering the Iran’s nuclear program.

Breaking the Duqu coding is the main concern of all the private and government investigators throughout the world.  Investigators believed that this sophisticated virus is being developed by hackers who plan to attack the foundations of various infrastructures like power plants, oil refineries and pipelines. Programmers are also worried to decode the Duqu virus as soon as possible because it is believed that hackers also wanted to attack all the administrative offices to hunt for their required data.On Tuesday, after disclosing the bug connection with Duqu virus, Microsoft got the particulars on how Duqu got into the infected machines.

Symantec researchers believed that hackers are aware of the previously unknown bug and hence they send the virus to the targeted victims through emails carrying infected Microsoft word document as attachments. In this process if any person who has received an infected email and has opened the word document then his PC will be infected and attackers will take control over his machine. They will enter into the organizational network and spread it to look for the required data.There are some evidences that prove that a quantity of Duqu virus coding is similar to Stuxnet. Stuxnet was used to impair the functioning of centrifuges used by Iran to enrich its uranium for its nuclear plant.

It is also speculated that there are chances that developers of Stuxnet have given their coding to the Duqu developers or Duqu developers have stolen their coding or there are chances that developers of Stuxnet and Duqu are same people.

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  1. Microsoft released Temporary fix for this vulnerability. Also there is some open source tool available to detect Duqu malware.

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