Books written by Hacker Ankit Fadia contain plagiarised content?

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As we all know, Ankit Fadia is the most famous hacker (ethical, as he claims) of India. He has authored many books on ethical hacking as well as PC and internet security. However, there are many reports that reject all his claims.

India’s Best Hacker Ankit Fadia’s Books Contain Plagiarised Content

Many reports have even mentioned that most of the books written by Ankit Fadia contains plagiarised content. Well, if he really have done so, then we can not call him as an ethical hacker. Misusing the hacking knowledge to steal the content from others is totally unethical.


Its not only about the books that he has written which are being questions but many people have even refused to recognise him as really a good hacker. In fact, they totally reject his claim for being best hacker of India. There are many points which goes in favour of proving him as not a good hacker at all.

India’s Best hacker Ankit Fadia’s Own Website Got Hacked Twice?

Ankit Fadia has launched his first website called “Hacking Truths” at the age of 14 which he claimed as “second best hacking site in the world as ranked by the FBI”. He never ever produced any proofs to prove this point. Secondly, FBI has never ever been in business of ranking of websites.

Moreover, If Ankit Fadia is the Best Hacker of India, then how come his own websites have been hacked by some other hacker group. That too not once but twice. How come the best hacker could not do any thing to prevent the hacking of his website. Why did he not used any preventive measure to make his site secured.

The hackers who hacked the Ankit Fadia’s website even left a message on Ankit Fadia’s website which reads as;


#[!]Owned by m0f0 aka Hacker :p|| Dikies #Team
[!] Greetz:
[!] Shadow008!!||нα¢кєя||Ap3x ||th3.g4m3_0v3r||AbHi
[!] HACKED You Again, Fadia !.Seriously i think maybe you should change your profession to farming ?
[!] India’s “so called” Number 1 Ethical Hacker Hacked? ;)
[!] you must be wondering how i bypassed your security ..?
[!]What security ? :D”

Here is the screen shot of the message left on Ankit Fadia’s hacked website. Hackers even made this clear that what they have done is not illegal as Ankit Himself as challenged anyone to hack his website which they did.


Ankit Fadia has managed to rise up the ladder and gained immense fame and money at a very early age. However, the above factors poses a question mark to all the practices Ankit Fadia has been adopting either in writing the books or proving himself as the best hacker of India?

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