Great Edutainment Apps for Children to Use on iPad

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iPad is no longer a gadget for adults alone. The iPad is a great learning tool for a kid. The device’s simplicity and great display are a real great platform for educating and entertaining apps. There are several informative yet entertaining apps available in the app store. Won’t it be great to teach your kid certain skills or find joy through Smartphone kid apps? Here are some interesting reviews of some of the best apps for kids!

Fun Matchers – An iPad Apps for Kids to Enjoy

fun matchers ipad apps for kidsThe Fun Matchers brings a whole lot of fun filled matching games which helps kids to learn skills which would be useful for them to understand and solve problems in math, learn spelling, improve general knowledge and reading skills.

There are about 45 different games to have fun with. This game helps to develop the reasoning skills of the child. Another interesting aspect is that as the levels of games increases the difficulty also increases giving them a more challenging task. A must add app for pre-learners; kindergarten and first graders.


Does your toddler become fussy while serving broccoli or any other healthy meals? Then this app is a must for those parents who need to convince their children and not force them to have their daily veggies.

RexNFoodbot apps for kids

This app will add fun to mealtimes. The basic premise of the game is to help the Scientist Rex to repair his Foodbot with healthy food. This fun game requires children to obtain 7 codes for children to provide healthy food to the Foodbot of Rex through several challenging levels. Children would learn more on healthy food by the information provided through the well animated illustrations.

Tiny Countries (Knowledge enhancing App)

Tiny Countries

This app makes learning Geography a more fun and interesting activity. The app is all about helping out Tiny the chicken save the world from Dr. Devil by answering questions before the evil characters do. Tiny the character is on a trip around the world spanning 75 countries spread out in 5 continents. This app allows kids to get familiar and learn about the different countries in the world and improve their basic geographical knowledge.

Pepi Tree

Pepi Tree is a delightful app for kids to learn about the different types of animals. Kids would be extremely happy to use this colorful and well detailed app for hours. This app gets into the forest world with really good sound effects of birds, animals and insects.


Pepi Tree

The kids are made to look after the different animals on a tree and do activities for them like spinning up webs for spiders, helping out an owl to focus on an animal at night, feeding little squirrels, decorating yellow flowers on hedgehog’s hair and many other entertainments in forest. The experience that the app provides is amazing and is sure to entertain your kid.

Math Magician Apps for iPad

Math MagicianHere is an app that makes math a fun affair. This is a great app that helps in improving your child’s arithmetic ability. This app lets you play math puzzles that involve speed and helps you earn points and badges to finally gain the coveted title of Master of Calculus. This app is a must have to improve your kids mathematical ability through fun and games.

Let’s Color 2 Apps for Toddlers

Let’s Color 2

This is a great app that will help in bringing out the artist in your child. This is a really interesting app that will surely keep your kids hooked. This app has several features like felt pans, coloring books, rainbow drawing tool.

The app store contains about 19 coloring books to purchase including Fairytales, animals, birds, Spaceships, etc. After purchasing the book, your kid could turn to any page, and start coloring. You can either check out the example page before starting. The picture would be broken and a particular color scheme can be chosen from the bottom to make the coloring look delightful.

The app can be used for both the toddlers of 2-3 years old having a simple color filling mode or for children of 4-8 years old with a finger drawing mode and other attractions.

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