Google’s New App -‘Scanning is always available’

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scanning is always availableThe latest news from Google that is coming in is that Google has now developed an application that enables you to scan for networks even when the Wi Fi is switched off. The latest technology developed by Google has been named as ‘SCANING ALWAYS AVAILABLE’. This technology has been developed to ‘Improve location accuracy and for other purposes’ and has been integrated into Andriod 4.3.So when next time you pick up a Google Android phone you will probably get tracked by Google all the time.

HOW DOES “Scanning-Always-Available” WORK?

It will generally work by identifying the nearest WiFi network to track down the user’s location which will work as an alternative to GPS. Google claims that inorder to improve the location based services Google will make use of the publicly broadcast WiFi data from all the wireless points including the GPS and the cell tower data. All the latest location aware applications are run by location service providers among which Google is one. And these publicly broadcast WiFi data is used to trace the location of the devices. So the inclusion of the WiFi access points in the The Google location services will enable the Google maps work more accurately.

This feature ensures that even if the user turns off the WiFi to save the battery life, it will however stay on and run in the background thereby enabling Google and other applications installed in the device to share any change in location or other information during the scanning process.

Now questions are raised to the longevity of battery life but Google had ensured all its users that this technology will provide no harm to the battery life. In fact, it claims that ‘scanning is always available’ technology has been developed to save the battery life. Now according to some users who have already applied this feature in their devices say that this feature stays disabled by default and can be enabled by going to Settings, Wi-Fi, Advanced Wi-Fi, and then check or uncheck the ‘Scanning is always available’ box.

Android 4.3 Jelly bean

Another technology that Google has come up with is the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update wherein the restricted profile will enable limited access to apps or content which will prove beneficial at home or at work. Plus it helps the user to create multiple users in the tablet where each user can have its own home-screen, background, apps, games and widgets.
The Bluetooth Smart Technology that has been introduced in Android 4.3 will enable the Bluetooth to connect with low power sensors like glucose monitors, thermometers, fitness sensors etc.
The security has been enhanced in Android 4.3 which enables the user to secure private data even when the device gets hacked. In the Google Play service menu a new feature has been added called ’Find my Phone’ which will enable the user to trace out the mobile when lost.

This update was announced in the late July during the launch of Google’s 2013 Nexus 7 tablet and has been integrated to Nexus devices including Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 along with Galaxy Nexus.

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