Google’s Closing Reader, Feedly’s Gain & Exporting RSS Feeds

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Google has decided to shut down its popular RSS reader service with effect from July 1, 2013. Google announced this very cleverly via an official blog post on “spring cleaning” with information about Google Reader shutting down embedded in that. This is one of the seven services that Google is going to shut down.


Reasons behind Google Reader RSS service shutting down

As per Google, such a step was required to be taken so that the company can focus on other popular products and services. Company also cited the “declining number of Google Reader subscribers” as the main reason for shutting down the service.

However, if we look behind in the history, then probably Google has already planned and has been preparing to kill Google Reader. It is because, last year in 2012, Google stopped “Adsense for Feeds” and hence, this service was already out from the perspective of revenue generation for the company.

Reality is different than What Google claims for shutting down Reader Service

So, the real reason is not what Google claims it to be. Rather, they have decided to shut down reader service since, it was not longer contributing to their revenue generation. Second, company needed to improve the usage of their social network i.e. Google+ which they launched last year. Even though, the network was able to fetch millions of users within few days time, its hardly being used much by users who are much more accustomed to using Facebook over Google+. So company has been planning different mechanisms to promote Google+ by taking steps that forces people to use Google+ much more.


So, this shutdown of Google Reader service is a step taken so that users  should use Google+ if they wanted to share and read content like news etc. This is in line with how Facebook works wherein users don’t need to use a separate service for sharing and reading content from the news sources.

Google Reader’s Loss Turns Feedly’s Gain

As we informed earlier, Google’s RSS Reader service will no longer be available from July 1, 2013. Soon after this news broke out, all the Reader service users, started thinking about the alternative as otherwise that will impact their day to day work. It is also because a large number of users for RSS readers is kind of people from media industry e.g. journalists etc.

Feedly – Good Alternative of Dying Google Reader Service?


Another RSS reader service named Feedly now have more reasons to rejoice. As is evident from the facts, almost 500000 (half million) users have already started using Feedly.  Well, it is not that Feedly has similar or that many features as Google Reader. But it is now one of the top most challenges for the company – to make Feedly as much competent as they can by adding more features and user-friendliness.

Company has already informed that they are trying their best to make the users’ experience of migrating to Feedly from Google Reader as much smooth and easy as possible. So, let’s wait and watch to see if Feedly can meet the user’s expectations in becoming an alternative to the dying Google Reader.

Now, How to Export RSS Feeds using Google’s Takeout Service

Google’s Takeout service is one solution to export all the RSS feeds that you have saved within Google Reader over the years. Now, when Google Reader is going to die soon, you won’t like to lose all of your RSS feeds. Simply follow the below steps to export all the RSS feeds from Google Reader and import the same in a new RSS reader service of your choice.


Steps to Export All RSS Feeds from Google Reader

  • First of all, go to the Google Reader’s settings window.
  • From the Import/Export tab, select the option to download data through Takeout.
  • Let the compression finish.
  • Download the resulting .zip file. (Inside that archive is an .xml file.)
  • Import the .xml file to the new reader of your choice. However, please be warned that your tags and tweaks won’t be transferred over.
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  1. Ohhh… its shocking news – RSS Reader Service is going to close. It has huge popularity. As i learned from your article, Google authority wants popularity of Google + more.

    Lets see what happens in future


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