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Google Plus Invites: Easy steps to get instantly from HackTik

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Google Plus Invites is something everyone active on the social networking circles is trying to get these days.  After all, any new product, service or even a new feature to an existing product by Google can not go unnoticed. It is bound to attract the attention of millions of users worldwide. Same thing happened with Google Plus when it was launched (though in beta) few days back. It has not yet been opened to every one and in fact, it is available only to selected users that too based on prior invitations. No doubt, Google Plus has been launched with some different and quite interesting features to compete with Facebook. However, debate is still on if Google Plus will fail or will take over Facebook in the time to come. The major features which most of the people (including old loyal Facebook users) have been liking in Google Plus is the “circles” and “hangouts”.


Google Plus circles gives users a freedom to have separate spaces for friends, families and colleagues in the same account. It does give a feeling of having multiple separate mini virtual social networks within one main account. At the same time, Google Plus Hangouts which is primarily a video calling service is already giving nightmares to Facebook and its founder Mark. You can read in details about what benefits does Google Plus circles have and why Google Plus Hangouts is better than a Facebook video chat?

“Google Plus is in limited field trial” is all you get to see when you try to sign up for Google Plus. As I mentioned Google Plus is not yet available to everyone. However, this has only helped Google in raising curiosity among its large user base who have heard a lot about Google+ but still not able to try their hands on. Many have been trying to get the Google Plus invites from their friends and relatives if they have one already. Not every one has been lucky though in getting the Google Plus invite as yet. No worries, now you can get an instant Google Plus invites in just few steps.

How to get a Google Plus Invites instantly

Complete the following steps and I will send you an instant Google + invite.

Once you signup with my invitation, you can start using Google Plus immediately and may even invite your friends.

Warning – Beware of Fake Instant Google + Invite Scam

One warning – there has been a scam going on in the web related to instant Google + invite. Scammers just post fake malicious links to signup Google Plus and when any one clicks the link;

  • they are taken to a site other than of course Google Plus wherein you are shown offers to buy something online.
  • they are asked to complete the fake sign up process and scammers in turn able to get hold of your profile information and other details.
  • they are asked to make payment to complete the sign up with Google Plus. Ultimately, users end up either losing their money altogether or shown some other products to buy (mostly, some kind of “enhancement” pills).
  • it results into downloading of some malicious software or spy software.

Hence, beware of such fake instant Google + Invite and just don’t click any fake links if you receive them either in your email inbox or even as a message in your existing social networking account (like Facebook wall).

We have earlier informed you about Facebook Video Chat scams which also has been spreading virally within Facebook network.


Google+ is Now Open to All. No Invite Required to Sign Up

This is an update from Google that they have now opened Google+ to all. You no longer need an invite or any kind of separate Google+ Sign Up invitation from any one. You can straight way sign up with Google+. So, please don’t fall prey to fake invite programs or any such scams on the web.

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  1. Karl!/kbrauneis/Google Plus Invites: Easy steps to get instantly from HackTik via @hacktikdotcom
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          2. Kathy – I did send that. Ensure to check your spam/junk folder as well. Anyhow, I am sending the invite again. Do let me know once you recieve it (or even if you don’t).

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            Maybe you can send to my gmail:

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    Google Plus Invites: Easy steps to get instantly from HackTik via @hacktikdotcom

    1. Christopher – Thanks and Google+ invite has been sent to your email id. Do join and have fun.


  5. Hi maninder,

    Your post really helped me to understand the way to get from HackTik in an easy way. It has great details and yet it is easy to understand.
    That’s what i was looking for. I will definitely share it with others.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Carly – I am not able to verify this tweet as you have probably kept them as private.

  6. yeah, I just created a Google+ account from an invitation of my friend. Try it in some minutes, I have some thoughts: more simple than Facebook with magical Circles, animation effects are processed so smooth

    if you have any difficulty in registering, let me know, I’ll invite you immediately; otherwise pls add me if you already had

    1. Thanks Michael – I have sent an invite to your email mentioned in this comment.

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  12. I Am New Google plus user.This Post Help Me In Very Good Manner.Thanks For This Post…

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