Technical Aspects of Google News, WordPress and Going Viral

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Success is not easily defined online, and certainly not within a WordPress site.  When we say success, we usually mean either total number of clicks, of views or in social sharing.  However, it’s sometimes difficult to define what success is in tangibles; how can you tell when it’s time to start making money?  Do you automatically make money when you go viral?  And for that matter, how is it that people discover you in the first place?

Google News, WordPress and Going Viral

Going Viral—It’s All About Socializing

For starters, let’s discuss how to be discovered.  Sometimes viral success stories come from the very obscure links; mysterious site pages that someone shares with a friend, and him with a friend, and her with a friend until everyone’s talking about it.  This sort of colossal viral success is not very common—at least not compared to the moderately popular viral page or video that reaches the intended audience, creates a lot of hits, and then dissipates into quiet again.  (Unfortunately, this hasn’t yet happened to Justin Bieber)

Now catapulting success aside, you really need to focus on a medium before you can hope to go viral.  For example, StumbleUpon and Reddit are great sites for publicizing pages with unique content.  If you are active in social bookmarking you could promote your own work every once in a while, in between primarily promoting the work of others.

The same principle is true of virtually any social network you join, as no one likes spamming—they simply enjoy talking to their friends and colleagues about work, personal things, fun ideas and a little mix of everything.  It also pays to develop content that is unique, or at least that can benefit your audience in a new way.  Resource pages usually go viral more often than the 30 second audition tape—which has been done numerous times, with a small percentage rate of success.

One of the most important aspects of viral marketing is making the “news”, as this is an entirely different search field than traditional SEO or even PPC.  Audiences will often click on news icons to hear the very latest from around the world, and even from the press.  How do you ensure that you make the latest news?

One of the benefits of using WordPress and the many  WordPress themes that are available is that you can easily set up a newsworthy blog and schedule your blog posts to automatically post when you need them to, ensuring you keep your news blog up to date and fresh, plus you can easily work in your social media with the various plugins that are available to you.

Three News Options

First of all, make sure your blog or magazine always has an RSS feed, which is Really Simply Syndication, a tool that publishes your blog to numerous free news outlets, making it searchable.  If your content is of high quality you may even be highlighted by a major search engine for particular keyword-popular topics.

Another option is to  make sure you are listed in Google News, as well as other major search news sites.  When it comes to Yahoo News, the most important criteria is the content and the popular topic.  Sometimes Yahoo highlights small articles if their topic preferences are met; and the criteria is largely left up to their whims.

With Google, it’s much easier to get listed for professional news coverage, at least in keyword searches.  (Google too, ultimately determines what news stories are highlighted) Google sometimes even sponsors stories by highlighting a title and a picture from the blog or article.  Of course, writing excellent content in a professional, news tone, as well as avoiding grammatical errors, is very important.

However, there are also technical aspects to consider.  For instance, Google has an entire subdomain called Webmaster Tools to help you determine your news searchability.  While having a sitemap for blog topics is necessary, the Webmaster Tools section informs users that they must have a news-specific sitemap, as well as a robots.txt file, which Google helps you with.  You must make sure the sitemap is readable by search bots, before Google News will actually consider you at all.  This involves directing Google to the sitemap file for easy connectivity.

Lastly, there is a third option: pay for publicity using PRWeb, the top news syndication service for press releases and publicity articles.  You can submit your story to hundreds of news outlets and receive maximum coverage and hits for broad or longtail keyword searches, since we’re dealing with news, not general SEO.

For more information consult the Webmaster Tools section and maximize your potential to go viral fast!

This post is submitted by Anny Solway who is a creative writer at She is passionate by WordPress, SEO and Blogging. Don’t forget to check out stunning Premium WordPress Themes.

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