Leaked Images and Screenshots of Google Drive for Windows

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Google Drive though not officially launched, has already been seen by many (courtesy – leaked images on the web). Now, it is more less believed that Google drive will be launched with 5GB of free storage for all users. However, looking at the initial leaked screenshots (below), we can see it was earlier planned with only 2GB of free storage. It can only be confirmed after the formal launch next week. However, the screenshots of Google Drive for windows do confirm that it will be made available at the URL – drive.google.com.

Images and Screenshots of Google Drive for Windows [Leaked]


google drive for windows screenshot

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  1. This is actually no surprise. For a technology giant like Google to come entering the field of Cloud Storage, it seems like any other news. What we have to wait for however is how Google will be spicing things up and making their service different from all the others. Now that, would be one worthwhile piece of news. Thanks for the post!


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