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Google Consumer Surveys– Opportunity to Make Money from your Website

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Google has launched a new product for small and big businesses to conduct online surveys which is named as Google Consumer Surveys. This is a good new opportunity for web publishers and website owners as well to make money. Since, website owners will be publishing these surveys in the same way as they publish any advertisement like adsense etc. For business, it will help them get customer’s feedback to make important decisions like launching a new product and /or making any changes to the existing one.

google consumer surveys

How Does Google Consumer Survey Works

Google consumer survey works as per 5 step process;

  • Business owners create online surveys to conduct consumer research and gather feedback.
  • Website owners publish the consumer surveys on their site by using putting up a code.
  • Website visitors complete the surveys to gain access to the premium content.
  • Website owners get paid for every completed survey by a visitor.
  • Business owners get nicely aggregated data in the report form.

How to Apply for Google Consumer Surveys Opportunity

As a website owner, you need to apply for this opportunity and you can start publishing surveys as per Google’s approvals. For website owners, they can sign-up and start creating the surveys for pushing them to be published on other sites.

For Website Owners

Website owners can apply for Google Consumer surveys opportunity by filling up an online form from here. After applying, you will need to wait for completion of Google’s approval process. For website owners, publishing these surveys on their site will be as easy as putting up a code for any ad like adsense or any other such ads.

google consumer surveys apply online form

For Business Owners

Business owners can get started from here and start publishing consumer surveys on third party sites.

Earning Estimate for Web Publishers – How Much Money can you Make

The company or business owners will be paying an amount of $0.10 per response to Google for a general survey. It will be $0.50 per response in case of more targeted one like getting a response from a person from a specific area or country and with a specified age group.

website owners make money with consumer surveys

An estimated earning for the web publishers will be approximately – $150 for 1500 responses in case of general population and $750 per 1500 responses for a demographically targeted survey.

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