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Have Fun with Blogging and Watch Money Starts Flowing

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Blogging is a real fun only if you allow it to be. But most of us don’t really experience it when the reasons like “money making” takes over and we lose all the fun. In fact, we lose a lot more money as well instead of earning any. If you get time, just try to do some Google search and research on this. There is not just one or two but many examples of bloggers who have been making huge amount of money. Try to find the facts on how did they start and what all did they do that made them earn so much of money. At the same time, you will find even more (or uncountable) number of people whose blogging ventures not only failed but made them lose a huge amount of money. Again, do a similar research on their blog and blogging journey and see what you find. Well, as a matter of fact, you really don’t need to do any research to get the above facts. This post is an outcome of the similar research and findings what I have done myself and I think, you can too get a benefit out of it. However, I would not like to stop you from verifying it all if you so desire.

Make Money With Blogging – The Easier and Fun Way

blogging fun and make money tipsThis post is not about any specific money making tips because I feel there is no dearth of such content already available in plenty on the web. This post is answering very specific question – Why do some bloggers earn so much while others lose? The title of this post is one line answer to this big question i.e. Have Fun With Blogging and Watch Money Starts Flowing. Though sounds very simple, this statements has some deeper meaning and I will elaborate on the facts how, why and when do we lose the fun in blogging which leads us to losing the money as well.

High Paying Keywords & Keyword Stuffing Make You Lose Money?

I am sure many of you must already be knowing about the concept of keywords and terms like high paying keyword etc. This is very commonly used in most of “make money with blogging” tips. If you again do a google search on the same, you will end up with thousands of search results.Try to find the timeframe of one of the oldest result. You will be amazed to find a post or article written, may be around 7-8 years back which emphasize the importance of choosing a blog name/domain name and even topic of the posts around a keyword which lies in this high paying bracket. Sound good and quite interesting. Not any more or may be not that much. Why?

blogging tips high paying keywordsIt is because the situation and circumstances have undergone a drastic change since then. Just to name a few – number of bloggers, competition, Google search algo etc. – all have changed during last 7-8 years. In fact, the changes have been quite significant during last 3-4 years. But, alas what has not changed is the fact that even today many bloggers have been (re)writing about the same tips which were written so long ago. Many of the experienced bloggers may be knowing about this. But think about the newbies who are just starting out. They lack the required experience to know the risk with this old approach and most of the time fall prey to following this blindly.

So, it is how and where the fun is lost from the beginning. When the person was supposed to be writing about something he is passionate about, he or she ends up writing about something which he thinks is more profitable (which is proven wrong anyways sooner or later). The profit motive doesn’t end up so soon. The person even goes over-board with this approach and try to make his blog topic, post or article title and even the post content totally keyword driven.

Well, we all know how Google search algo has evolved specially with the recent algo changes like Panda and Penguin. Keyword stuffing (aka Black Hat SEO) has been one of the main factor governing these changes. In simple words, this means, Google has started penalizing the sites ranking which have done keyword stuffing unnecessary.

So, you started out with something which lacked all the fun and you end up losing the money as well. After all, if you are serious blogger, then you must be spending few hours each day out of your crucial schedule to maintain your blog. Not to mention, the money you would have spent on internet, hosting and other paid blogging tools, software that you use.

What Makes Successful Bloggers Different than Failed Ones?

Well, see it for yourself. You will hardly find any successful blogger who is making good money doing or following any such bad practices like which we discussed above. Most of them are actually writing about what they love. If you read some of their posts, this will become evident. One tip of caution – don’t simply believe about what a blogger claims himself about his/her earning. Many times, the blogger writing about the bad practices of blogging, tend to fake about their incomes as well. So, do your own research on the same using some website analysis tools. Although, these tools are not 100% accurate but at least it will give you some idea on statistics of their blog.

blogging success and failures

Another point which I would like to mention to support the above discussion is that not every author or blogger is a techie. For example, there are hundreds of people who write really good but they lack the technical knowledge or expertise to even know  or understand the significance of SEO, keywords etc. So, theoretically speaking they should lose out because of this lack of knowledge. However, in reality it is just the opposite. It is specially true with many non-tech blogs. Non-tech bloggers concentrate only on the content and they end up delivering a high quality unique content rather than a keyword-stuffed not-so-unique content.

So, let blogging be a heart-filled fun exercise  rather a pure mechanical task with no fun. This is only possible if you write only and only about what you love. Writing process in such cases will become quite natural because you may not have to stress your mind much to think about what or how to write. Don’t worry much even if it takes a little more time initially for the visitors to come to your site. In the long run, this strategy will be hard to beat in this cut-throat competition.

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