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Fuhu Nabi 24 inch Big Tab- the best tab for kids and family

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Fuhu Nabi Big Tab 24In this revolutionizing world, the technology has to get better every day! More huge tablets, replacements of monitor, better big screen smartphones, the list is endless. When the screen is getting bigger day-by-day, Fuhu Nabi has come up with a replacement to a TV with a big Tab giving the kids and parents a stage to play well together.

High-definition Android touch device is the Fuhu Nabi Big Tab 24 with a 1080 p high-def capacitive touch screen capable of registering 15 simultaneous finger taps and built -in battery.

With just $550, Fuhu Nabi Big Tab 24 is worth every penny and this 13-pound monster is easy to carry from room to room without the tension of rebooting it.  It’s worth it even if you get the work home and share the tab with your 5 years old child. It lets you do everything together. During the demo unit, the two-player games- air hockey and Fruit Ninja, Drawing Studios, Puzzles and family board games.

Kids do play without fighting on the big screen than a small one. It’s a good platform to let your tiny tots share the game, laughter, joy, and sadness of losing a game. Beyond providing kid safe photo messaging app and cloud storage, this tab is getting famous among the educational front as well. Quiz games with 50,000 questions, workbooks and other interactive pen are attractive on offer.

With this big tab targeting in a different manner than the normal other tabs, with the great characters and experiences they targeted the parents very well than others. One can easily replace the family board game with this big tab. So this tab mainly targets and achieves the motto of doing and offering everything together which binds one with cooperation and coordination which surely is too important between family and kids.

What’s better than buying a big tab than TV or IPad these days? Get the big screen device Fuhu Nabi Big Tab 24 and let the fun begins in your joint or nuclear family, regardless of which the fun is surely going to be endless!

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