Top 10 Best Free Android Apps to Find the Lost or Stolen Phone

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If you fear losing your android mobile phone and/or tablet, then you must download any one of these top 10 best and free android apps to prevent theft or find the lost or stolen phone. When you can spend so much money in buying your favourite Android mobile phone, why not to spend some time and even a bit of money in making it more secure. Well, there are now plenty of Android apps available that can help you to find and trace the lost or stolen android phone. Some of these can even help you prevent losing your android phone or some one else stealing it. Here are the top 10 best android apps which can help you either prevent the phone from getting stolen or find the lost or stolen android phone.

Prey Anti-Theft – Free Android Apps to Find Lost or Stolen Mobile Phone/Tablet

Prey Anti-Theft is a free Android apps to help you find the lost or stolen phone and even android tablets. The apps can be activated using a pre-configured SMS of your choice and help you to trace it by reporting its location. Other features include loud alarm, user alert, SIM change detection and GPS+WiFi geo-location. Requires Android 1.5 and up to install and use Prey Anti-Theft application.


Anti Theft, burglar alarm,lock by JMotionSoft – Android Apps to Prevent Theft

This alarm sounding based android apps works as soon as phone is moved and hence, helps to prevent the phone from getting stolen. You can even change the alarm tone to make it sound a very unique to make it easily identifiable from other sounds. It has the vibration modes as well.


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AntiDroid Theft – GPS Based Android Apps to Track Stolen Phone

AntiDroid Theft helps to trace the lost or stolen phone with GPS. You can even take pictures on the internet via Anti Droid theft website. This free android apps requires Android 1.6 and up to install and function. Some of the interesting features of AntiDroid Theft application are – tracking changes to the SIM card and/or phone numbers. It has spy camera to view pictures taken from the phone’s camera. Many users are already using as an alternative apps for child tracking.


Android Anti Theft Security – GPS, SMS Activation, Data Encryption and Backup

Android Anti Theft Security application requires Android 2.0.1 and up and works for both – mobile as well as tablets. It makes use of GPS, WiFi and Cell Tower triangulation to trace the lost phone or tablet. The apps has some additional useful features like –

  • Data Backup to take the backup of contacts, SMS, logs and application data.
  • Encryption of Data to maintain the privacy and security.
  • SIM Change detection to get alert as when SIM gets changed. Even get the SMS alert about the thief’s phone number.
  • Activation remotely via SMS commands.
  • SPY Camera – to silently make use of device camera to capture photos.
  • Lock the phone.
  • Capture finder’s information (in case lost phone has been found by some one).
  • Lost device report generation to be able to provide to the legal agencies.


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GotYa! Lite : Face trap !

GotYa Lite : Face Trap is the free version of the apps which requires Android 2.2 and up. There is a paid version as well available with some additional features. The application works by silently capturing the photos of the criminal, thief who tries to use the device after stealing it. The photo is captured via the front facing camera whenever he tries to enter screen lock incorrectly. After photo has been captured, it acquires the location of the device and sends it with time stamped picture to your email or Facebook. There is a friendly mode available too which allows to provide access to the device after some wrong attempts while sending the location of the device as well in the background.


Android Theft Prevention Alert

Do Not Touch My Android is the tag line for Android Theft Prevention Alert application. This android apps works basically to prevent the theft or even a touch by any stranger or friend trying to play tricks. The application once installed and activated has the capability to recognise and distinguish your (owner’s) touch. As soon as some one else tries to touch the device, phone alert system gets activated and notifies you. There are as many as 19 different sounds that you can make use of for the phone alarm alert.


Don’t Touch My Droid! – Anti-Theft Alarm Based Apps

Don’t Touch My Droid Apps also works on the same principle as the earlier one i.e. to make alarm sound at the stranger’s touch.  Such anti-theft android apps double up as a burglar alarm and can even help you prevent theft of any other of your belongings as well like bags. You just need to have your Android inside your bag and it will alert the theft as soon as some stranger tries to pick it up.


Anti Theft Installer – Remotely Wipe Data

Anti Theft Installer is another Android apps to get your lost or stolen phone back. It has the provision to not only remotely lock the device but also to wipe all the phone’s data just by sending a SMS. It can remotely delete phone contacts, SMS and MMS messages, Calls log and history and all the files present on the SD/memory card. You can even get to see the last calls made, thief’s phone number, IMEI and network operator name. You can remotely get the phone contacts from the lost or stolen mobile via Email.


Seek My Android – Locate Lost Phone Anywhere in World

SeekMyAndroid apps can help you locate your lost phone anywhere in the world via internet. You can use their site to control your phone and locate it. It can even monitor and record the calls conversation and can send it by email. It can – display the location of the phone on a map, remotely delete or wipe phone’s data and even lock the device. It can work even without SIM card or with a different SIM card.


Wheres My Droid – Apps to Recover Ringer-Off Lost Phone

When you lose your phone some where nearby and if the ringer was in off state then it becomes impossible to find and locate the lost phone. WheresMyDroid apps comes to your rescue just in such cases and you can remotely switch on the ringer by sending a custom word by SMS. It has additional features which are similar to other applications – remotely wipe data, alert in case SIM is changed, sending the GPS location of the phone etc. This application can even be activated via a landline.


Free Download Above 10 Anti-Theft Android Apps to Find Lost or Stolen Phone and Tablets

All the above 10 android apps can be downloaded for free from android market via the URL/links provided above. Some of these applications are to prevent the theft of the Android Mobile phones and tablets whereas others are useful in helping to find and recover the already lost or stolen phone. All the above applications are completely free to download, install and use. Some of them though may have their paid version as well available with some additional features. Do carefully check the Android OS version requirement before downloading and installing these Android Apps to prevent theft (anti-theft) and find the lost or stolen mobile phones.

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