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First ever Google Doodle released was related to Burning Man festival. It was shown on August 30, 1998. For those who don’t know about what a Google Doodle is – Google Doodle is a redesigned and decorated Google logo to celebrate an occasion, festival, birthday or anniversaries. It was started all in 1998 and till date hundreds of Google Doodle’s have been released and shown on Google search engine’s home page. If you want to know more about Google Doodle and its history, then go here. In this post, I have compiled first Google Doodle of all categories and related information about when it was released.

First Ever Google Doodle – Burning Man Festival

Google started with Doodles for the first time with the Burning Man Festival occasion on August 30, 1998. It was the simple looking Google Doodle logo with few small changes to the existing logo. In fact, it was the most simplest one out of all the Google Doodles released till date.


First Festival and Thanks Giving Google Doodle

First ever Google Doodle related to any festival was about Thanks Giving day which was displayed on November 26, 1998.



First Google Doodle related to Halloween was shown on October 31, 1999.


Happy Holidays /Christmas Greetings

First doodle related to Christmas greetings or to mark the occasion of Happy Holidays was shown on December 25, 1999.


Happy New Year

First Doodle to convey happy new year greetings was for the year 2000. It appeared on January 1,2000.


Valentine’s Day Doodle

First ever Google Doodle to mark the valentine’s day appeared on February 14, 2000.


Sports, Games Category (Sydney Olympics)

First ever Doodle in the sports or games category was about Sydney Olympics and it appeared on September 15, 2000. In fact, different new Google Doodle was shown on each day of Sydney Olympics games schedule signifying a different game.


Political Event and Elections

First ever doodle related to any political event or election was about elections in USA and it appeared on November 7, 2000.


India and Indian Festival (Holi)

First ever Google Doodle related to India was shown on March 9, 2001. It was also the first Doodle for any Indian festivals as well (Holi Festival).


Earth Day

First Google Doodle to celebrate the Earth Day appeared on April 22, 2001.


First Google Doodle to Celebrate any BirthDay (Claude Monte)

Google Doodle celebrated first ever birthday anniversary of famous French painter Claude Monte with creating a special doodle on his 161th Birthday on November 14, 2001.


Award Ceremony (Nobel Prize)

First doodle to celebrate the occasion of any award ceremony was for the Nobel Prize ceremony and it appeared on December 9, 2001.


National Day /Independence Day

First National or Independence day doodle logo appeared on July 4, 2001.


Kids, Children’s Day

First ever Doodle related to kids and to mark the first ever children’s day appeared on May 5, 2002 and it was for Japan.


Comic Strip and Character (Dilbert)

Dilbert was the first ever comic strip character that Google chose to design Doodle logo for. It appeared on May 20, 2002.


Music and Musical Notes

First Doodle for the Music or Musical notes category appeared on the occasion of World’s Music Day on June 21, 2002. It is also known as La Fête de la Musique which actually means World’s Music Day.


First Doodle related to Google itself (4th Birthday on Sep 27, 2002)

Google decided to celebrate its own 4th Birthday for the first time with Doodle logo on September 27, 2002. This was the first ever Doodle created by Google which was related to a day holding special significance for Google and its Googlers.



First Doodle related to Science category appeared on April 24, 2003 and it was to mark the DNA’s 50th anniversary.first-google-doodle-science-category-dna-50th-anniversary

India’s Independence day

August 15, 2003 was the day when First ever Doodle related to India’s Independence day appeared on Google’s home page.



First Google Doodle for any thing related to technology was about celebrating 100th anniversary of a Flight or Airplane and it appeared on December 16, 2003.


Leap Day

First ever leap year or day Google Doodle was created on February 28, 2004.


First International Women’s Day Doodle

Google celebrated International Women’s Day for the first time via Doodle on March 8, 2005.


Books and Library


Teachers Day


First Doodle4Google contest winner (Lisa Wainaina from UK year 2005)

First ever Doodle from Doodle4Google contest winner’s category appeared on Nov 17, 2005 and it was created by Lisa Wainaina from UK.


Eating (Fat Thursday year 2007)



It was during Cricket World Cup 2007 that first ever Doodle related to Cricket appeared on Google home page (March 11, 2007).


Rugby Sports

First doodle for Rugby sports was shown during Rugby World Cup in Ireland on September 7, 2007.


Computer (Parametron Computer)

First Doodle related to computers was shown on March 26, 2008.


Elders and Senior Citizens

First ever Doodle related to elders and senior citizens appeared on the occasion of Japan’s Respect for the Aged day on Sep 15, 2008.


Green, Trees and Nature

First Doodle related to Greens, Trees and Nature appeared on Oct 20, 2008 on the occasion of Day of Trees.


Diwali Festival of India (October 27, 2008)


Veteran’s Day (Military) – Nov 12, 2008

This was not only the first but the only one till date related to Veteran’s Day or Military which appeared on Nov 12, 2008.


Money /Currency

When Slovakia entered the Euro zone that first ever Doodle related to money or currency appeared on Jan 1, 2009.


100th Birthday (Centenary) Anniversary

It was Helene Boucher’s 100th Birthday anniversary on May 23, 2008 that first ever Doodle appeared for some one completing centenary or 100 years.


Video Game (Tetris)

On the completion of 25 years for the Tetris game, that first ever Doodle related to any video or computer game appeared on June 6, 2009.



First Doodle related to any Eclipse was shown on July 22, 2009.


Special date combination (9/9/9)

9 September 2009 (i.e. 9/9/9) was the first ever special date combination for which Doodle was created.


Dead (Dia de los Muertos or the Day of the Dead)

Dia de los Muertos  or the Day of the Dead on Nov 1, 2008 in Mexico was when the first ever Doodle related to dead was created and shown.


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Hopefully, I have covered all of the major First Google Doodles from every category. In case, you may like to know about any thing more which you think has been left out, please let me know via a comment below.

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