FingerSense Technology Brings the Mouse-Right-Click Capability to Touch-Screen Smartphones

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Touch-screen smartphones are not getting even smarter with more functionality being added with FingerSense technology. FingerSense can enable a touch-screen based smartphone to actually distinguish how you touch it and accordingly perform different functions. For example, it can recognize the difference between finger tip touch, knuckle or nail touch. Hence, it enable users to perform additional functions on touch screens. A knuckle touch, for example, could translate into an equivalent to a mouse right-click function and can perform tasks like opening sub menu etc.


Chris Harrison, from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, has built the prototype already and has even launched a company called as Qeexo to sell this amazing device.

It requires a FingerSense software along with a vibration sensor to be added in the smartphone which makes it possible to understand the vibrational differences between different types of touches.

The technology is also referred to as TapSense based on its ability differentiating how you tap the screen. Look at the below video to understand how FingerSense or TapSense work;

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