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Most Easy Way to Find The IMEI Number of Any Mobile Phone

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IMEI number of any mobile phone is a unique number/code that helps to recognize the device on network. For any mobile phone or say, any device, IMEI number will always be unique. Hence, it become very crucial when your mobile phone gets stolen.

One Step Way to Find IMEI Code of Any Mobile Phone Using Settings.

IMEI number can really help locate your mobile phone and can further help in tracing it and recovering it IMEI number will always remain the same throughout the life of a mobile handset. It is irrespective of which and how many SIM cards you use on that mobile phone.


Many people think IMEI number as something related with the SIM or the phone number which is wrong. It is a number/code that is given to the handset.

It is always good to find the IMEI number and store it at a safe place so that you can use it to trace your mobile phone if and when it gets stolen.

When you purchase any mobile phone with bill, then don’t forget to note down the IMEI number which is usually mentioned on the bill.

Suppose, you are not able to find it on bill or your bill gets misplaced or IMEI code mentioned on the bill is not readable correctly, then there is still one easy way to get it. There can not be anything easier than too find the IMEI from the mobile phone device.

You can get the IMEI number from the phone settings.

Here is how to recover the IMEI number of any mobile phone using the settings;

Go to Settings.

Then, Settings-> About Phone->Status->IMEI.

In many phones specially Windows phone, you can find the IMEI directly within About information.

Do let us know in case, you are still not able to locate the IMEI number of your mobile phone. Please don’t forget to find it and keep it safe with you so that it is handy when your phone is misplaced or stolen.

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