Not Able to Install or Use Facebook Video Chat ?

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If you have not been able to either install newly launched Facebook Video Chat or facing issues and errors in using this, then you are not alone. You are one of those thousands of unlucky Facebook users who are not able to try their hands-on this new Facebook Video Chat though you waited very eagerly for this. Different users are facing different issues and problems while using Facebook video chat. Some of you may be getting stuck right at the installation and yet some others may be facing issues and errors while using it. Let me explain you with some of the most commonly faced problems and their possible solutions which you could try out before looking else where.


Facebook Video Chat Installation Problems, Errors and Resolution

Below is detailed steps for installing Facebook Video chat and commonly faced Facebook Video chat problems & errors and issues along with their resolutions.

Installing Facebook Video Chat Plugin

First thing first – if you still don’t know how and where to install Facebook video chat apps from, then here is the link to get started with this. This will automatically get you started with installation of small plugin which is dependent upon the browser you are using.

Reinstalling Plugin

In case, you either could not install the above successfully or setup itself could not work, then you can proceed to reinstall it from this link. You can use the same link to reinstall if you are not able to use the application post installation. However, please do uninstall the existing Facebook Video Calling plugin first before reinstalling. For windows system, you can uninstall from Control Panel –> Software & Programs.

Up to date Browsers for best Facebook Video Calling experience

Ensure you have the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari browsers for Facebook Video Chat to work properly. In the absence of latest browser, you may face error like “the Skype software that powers video calling is temporarily unavailable,”. Do update the browser, clear cache and try again.

Facebook Video Chat – Skype and Webcam Issues

If you are an existing Skype user and have a separate account with Skype, you can very well use Skype account and Facebook Video Calling together at the same time. However, please note that you will be able to use the webcam with one of these at a time only. Hence, if you are facing issues with your webcam, please do ensure to check it is not being used in any other program at the same time. Of course, I am assuming, you have switched on your webcam in the first place 🙂 and have all the latest webcam drivers in place. Means, your webcam is quite functional on the computer you are using.

If you are a windows user, ensure you have the latest version of Microsoft Directx. Else, download it from here.

If you are not able to view good quality video, chances are high that the webcam quality of your friend is not the best one. However, from your side, you could try closing some other active programs and applications and even disconnect any other USB devices to see if it helps. As such Facebook video chat works quite well with other chat and Facebook functions.

Reporting an unsolved bug or Facebook Video Chat Problems

In case, you have tried everything listed above and still not able to reach anywhere, you might have been able to caught a good bug in Facebook video calling application which you may report here.

Facebook Video Chat Post Installation Issues, Problems and Errors

Once you have successfully installed Facebook Video Chat, next step is to start using the same to have a video chat with your friends and relatives. Below section describes the most common  errors and issues faced while using Facebook Video chat along with their all possible resolutions.

Using Facebook Video Calling after Successful Installation

If you are through with the Facebook video calling installation, then try this out by visiting your friend’s profile and clicking call button at the top right. Alternatively, if you are already in chat with your friend, then you can click the video icon within your chat window to start video calling with the same friend.

If you try to initiate a video call with your friend who has not yet setup the video chat, then he/she will get notified automatically. You may have to wait until he finishes the setup on his computer before two of you could have a video chat with each other.

Using without Webcam

You can have a video chat with your friend even if you don’t have a webcam on your computer. Only thing, your friend will not get to see you and will only be able to hear you. You, of course will be able to hear and see both. However, if you have a webcam, then you don’t have an option to hide you and your video will be by default transmitted to your friend. Of course, only way to hide you will be either to switch off the webcam or remove it altogether from your computer.

Recording Facebook Video Calls

There is not provision as yet to record the video call as such. However, date of making and receiving video calls do get saved within your Facebook conversation history.

Sending a Facebook Video Message aka Video Missed Call

You can also send a video missed call in case your friend is not available for chat. You can record your own video message and send it to your friend. The date and time of such missed calls will get saved within ongoing message history.

Facebook Video Chat Privacy & Blocking

Facebook video chat works same way as a normal chat in a sense that only your confirmed friends can call you. Only you can decide whether to accept or reject any call you may want. You can even block specific friends from having video call with you. You can also edit your availability so as to make yourself hidden from selected friends. If any of your friend is going a way too much and start harassing you by making unnecessary video calls, feel free to unfriend him/her.

Do let us know about any other issue, problem, error you encounter with either installation or using Facebook Video Calling or if the above information could help you in getting the resolution for Facebook Video Chat Problems & Errors. 

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  1. uhm.. what’s up with facebook? i don’t see the “Get Started” link on the video calling page.. it says “Video calling will be available soon. Please check back later.”. any other ideas on how i can surpass this issue? thanks.! 🙂 i tried downloading the

  2. i tried doing the reinstallation of the plugin that was written above but still.. it’s not working.. btw, i’m using a macbook pro and my browser is rockmelt.. i need help.. please..

  3. I successfully installed facebook video plugin to my friend’s pc and it works perfectly with his FB account but to my disappointment, using my facebook account on the same pc, the video call icon doesn’t appear on the chat window. What could be the possible reason? Maybe because I am not regularly using facebook chat and maybe because I have only 17 friends? grrr.. it’s not fair!

    1. By any chance, are you trying to access your FB account from a different PC user /account. It could be possible that the plugin required to run video chat is not available in your account with which you are accessing the PC. You can install the plugin and then check again. Hope, it helps.

  4. I get a fatal error installing videochat. When I try uninstalling the program from control panel, it will not uninstall and now I have five versions of the program in programs and features. None of the versions will uninstall. I am using windows 7 64 bit home premium.

  5. hi
    when my friend video calls me i am able to video chat with her but i am not able to see the video chat icon in my chat window. i mean i am not able to video call any one(coz im not able to see the video icon nor am i seeing the call video button on fren profile) but if someone calls me then i am able to video chat with them. kindly help

  6. I’m on facebook and tried many times to install the facebook video call plugin but each time I’m unsuccessful, I even tried using the same on skype but that too failed.
    Kindly tell me what to do as soon as possible.

  7. I am using an pretty old hardware (an IBM Thinkpad X31). I installed the plug-in and able to make video calls to friends on Facebook. I am able to see the small video of myself on the top right/left corner, but cannot see the friend’s video on the main area (only a big black screen, but voice was okay). The friend could see and hear me without problem.

    I tried to use two computers (one Thinkpad X31 and the other MacBook Air) side by side, thus was sure that both web cams are working well, but the same situation as stated above.

    Would it be due to the slow performance of the Thinkpad X31? Or I have missed anything?

    (Only month ago, the Thinkpad x31 was able to use Facebook video chat, with bi-directional video feedings – until I reinstall Windows XP on it.)


      1. Maninder,

        ah……have you come across similar problem as I mentioned above? I really have no clue to “fix” the blank video screen problem on X31. ^^


    1. Thanks god, I have the exact same problem and could not find anyone talking about it!

      I have an Asus U36J with Windows 7, the video chat used to work well until I started to see a black screen instead of my friends. I tried with different browsers (Firefox, Chrome, IE) it always comes back to the same problem!

      I contacted FB to report the problem and get a solution, they replied saying they cannot answer everyone and will get back to me if enough people have the same issue…

      If anyone know how to fix this, please let us know!!!!!

  8. It seems that Facebook Video Calling isn’t installed in the default folder. To launch it, click “Browse” and select your folder.
    i am getting this msg on my screen at the time of downloading . kindly help

  9. when i try to video call someone facebook comes up with this error message “The video calling software encountered an error when starting” how is this fixed

  10. I cannot install the video calling plug in at all. I’ve done everything listed here.

    I’ve updated my browser (I was on Firefox 15.0.1, but I have just today updated to 16.0.1) Installation on both versions has been attempted numerous times. I’ve also tried installing with IE and Chrome. Nothing happens.

    When I’ve unsuccessfully tried an installation, I’ve gone to the Programs and Features section of my control panel to remove it and try again, but it isn’t there. It doesn’t install at all.

    My process – I download the setup program. I run it. I get the status window saying “downloading Facebook video call plug in”. After a few seconds of said downlad, it then says “installing Facebook video call plug in”. That status window then closes. And nothing happens. I can’t make video calls. It isn’t in my control panel to remove. There’s nothing there… Please help!! 🙂

  11. pls help me i have so many times try to install and unistall the fb vdeocall plug ins and clear the history and cache but its not working either,.. this always appear in my screen,..

    the videocalling software encountered an error when starting.

    pls mail me the answer thank u so very much, i will appreciate if u help me thannk u ////


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