Find and Follow Celebrities Easily with Facebook Verified Accounts

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Just like twitter and Google+, Facebook has also started verifying accounts so that people can differentiate between genuine and fake ones while following and subscribing to public updates of celebrities. However, you may not get to see any special badge or tag against verified Facebook profiles. Those with verified Facebook accounts will be able to choose a nickname or pseudo name which will be made to display in their profile instead of the birth name. Those with the verified Facebook profiles will get prominence in Facebook’s “People To Subscribe To” suggestions. It will help people who keep looking for celebrity status people’s accounts and profiles so that they can either follow them or subscribe to their public updates.

However, no individual can opt or volunteer to get their Facebook profile verified. But it will be purely will be done from Facebook’s side who will be sending out this option to only selected few who have many subscribers already.

The people who are chosen by Facebook to get their profiles verified will have the option to opt for it or reject it. If they do want to go for it, then they will have to submit a valid Govt. issues ID proof which will be deleted after verification process has been completed.

Check the screen shot (published by TechCrunch) of the form needed to be completed for getting your Facebook account or profile verified.

Facebook Account Verification Form


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