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Facebook To Launch Android OS Phone With HTC

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When a particular brand becomes popular, every company wants to expand its base. Similar thing is happening with facebook. Facebook has now decided to launch android OS phone in collaboration with HTC. There is no official announcement yet but the hint is strong. Facebook has chosen HTC over Samsung to build its first android phone. Facebook is even considering a custom operating system for its first phone. Over the past years, facebook had collaborated with various companies, but nothing worked out.


Facebook HTC Android (Customized OS) Phone – Features and Specs

By customizing android OS, facebook phone might not be able to include other Google applications. This may include Gmail, Google maps, or even the market. If the phone is customized, then it could replace the android market with its own html platform, where users could get access like facebook applications.

This feature would then compete with the apple app store. It could tap third party applications and browser support. This would be known once the face book phone is officially launched. Once the phone is launched, you can know all its applications and features.

A facebook insider states, “Our mobile strategy is simple, we consider every mobile device better, if it’s deeply social. We are looking to work across the entire mobile industry and applications. We are working with hardware manufacturers and operators in particular. We want to keep our approach simple; we do not want to complicate things to compete with other mobile companies.”

This is not the first time facebook has decided to launch a mobile phone. Earlier, facebook had come up with INQ cloud and Vodafone blue. However, those phones had slow sales; one reason could be operating system. Facebook wants to do something different and hence have partnered with HTC.

With customized operating system, the applications in the phone would be different. Facebook wants to be different in its approach, therefore is working on the same.

Facebook powered Smartphone HTC status that run the standard android include dedicated face book sharing buttons have not faired well either. Many people may have expectations with the new face book and HTC phone.

The official date of the release is yet to be announced by HTC and facebook. However, if the phone works on customized operating system, then many phones would join the league. You still have to wait to get your hands on the phone.

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