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FB Offers: How to Make Money From Your Facebook Page.

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Are you a person who is very active on Facebook? Do you own a Facebook page that has a good number of likes or fans? If yes, then you can easily convert your Facebook fans into money. We are not talking about any make money or get rich soon like scams. What we are talking about here is the legitimate way to make money from your Facebook page.

To make money from Facebook page, you only need to spend time and effort. We are here to explain you about making money from a Facebook page using their “Offer” feature. You can create offer to sell anything and it gets posted in a same way as any other Facebook status update. So, it reaches to your Facebook page fans who can click on the offer to get it.

The offer can either be created to sell something directly, for example, if you already have a product or service or an eBook to sell, then you can make use of the Facebook offer. Otherwise, if you don’t have a product or service of your own, then you can join any affiliate network and can create an offer to promote their products using your own affiliate link and hence, can make money from the commissions for the product/service thus sold.

First, assuming you don’t have a product of your own, you can just google about “best affiliate networks” for your country. After you get to know about some good affiliate networks, please sign up with couple of them. Once you have signed up, go through the various products/campaigns that they are offering. Join the ones which interest you or you would like to sell / promote to make money. While joining the campaigns, do try to match it with the target audience of your Facebook page. Let’s say, you have a Facebook page which is related to Travel / Flights / Holiday packages etc, then you must join the campaigns which are related with this i.e. wherein you will be promoting the flight or holiday packages booking.

After you have joined a couple of campaigns in your affiliate network, you will get your own unique URL which you have to use to during promotion. Basically, when a user makes a purchase using your affiliate URL, then only you get a commission out of that sale. So, be careful with the URL thing.

Using Facebook Offer to Make Money from Your FB Page.

Now, lets try to create an offer on your Facebook page.


When you go to your Facebook page, within the status update box, you will see the link for creating the offer, event+. Click that and later chose the option “Offer”.


Within the “Create Offer” box, write the Title and Description of your offer.

Upload the relevant image to be used along with the offer.


Put the Expiration date. Default is for One month period which is good yo go with. Select “No Limit” ¬†for claims limit option. It basically means that this offer can be availed by as many users as you want.

Go to “More Options”.

Put your own affiliate link in the field “Online Redemption Link”.

Next field is, “Online Promo Code”. You can use it if you have any coupon code available for the product / service that you are promoting using Facebook offer. You have to check with your affiliate to find if there is any promo code available. If not, keep it blank.

Click “Create Offer”.

Your offer has been created and would have been posted as a status update on your Facebook page. It will now be visible to your FB page audience who can click on it to get it. After every successful conversion, you will get a commission from your affiliate network. You must keep checking the “Statistics” within your affiliate network account to check the progress.

Boosting The FB Offer to Get More Conversion.

If you want that your offer is seen by a relatively larger audience, then you can think about spending some money yourself to promote it. If you decide to do so, then you must keep a minimum budget of USD 10 so as it is visible to a fairly good number of people. You can do a paid promotion of your offer by clicking the “Boost Post” option available below the Offer status update.

While doing a paid promotion, you can choose to decide about your target audience using different parameter like age, location and interest. Again, choose them carefully so as your offer is promoted to the right set of people who can give you a good conversion.

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