Facebook Launches “On This Day” To Know What You Did in the Past

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Most of us are aware of “On This Day” type of websites that informs you about what particular historical event happened on that day in the past. For example, like, birth of some famous world personality or start of some major revolution or just any other event of big historical significance.

Now, Facebook has launched your personal “On This Day” feature which will let you look into the past to see what you did on the same day, a year ago or two years ago.

So, it will allow you to look back at status updates and photos that you shared or tagged on this day in the past. Or it could be someone else shared with you something or tagged you. Most of people often gets indulged in recalling old memories by looking at old pics and other stuff. The similar kind of feature is being rolled out by Facebook with the name of On This Day.



What’s special with On This Day is that it will have a facility to get an alert/notification that will remind you about the event. However, it will be totally private with you and if you want, you will be able to share it further with your friends.

Facebook also informs that On This Day will be built with a unique algorithm such that it will avoid reminding you about negative events/updates/pics or so called unpleasant memories.

Facebook has started rolling out On This Day gradually. You can point to facebook.com/onthisday to see if it has been made available for you as yet or not. Else, you will need to wait more and keep looking at the above link to see when it gets available for you.

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