Facebook Marketing- Is It Beneficial to Businesses Today

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Why Facebook is considered as an effective marketing tool in Business. To understand this we should know about Facebook and its enormous growth. It started in the year 2004 and within eight years of time it has gained more than 901 million active users and over 125 billion friend connections have been established as of March 2012. Its growth doesn’t end year it is still growing wider day by day. Facebook is one of oldest social platform with highest traffic on the internet. Now you can all understand what facebook can do for a business. It’s a great platform to promote any business or brand and it is also easy and affordable when compared to other traditional marketing.

facebook marketing tool

Facebook Pages

With the help of facebook pages, business can create their own profiles. A well customized page can give you good results. You can add videos,
photos and lot of information about your company. People who are interested on your page become you fans and what’ s more, you also become visible to the fans friends. Mini feed stores all the activities of the pages for all the friends to view.


Though groups are similar to pages, these are not as effective as pages because groups do not have “become a fan” option. But still you can use them to promote your business.


Facebook API is very robust and use developers to write coding to showcase your business to the user. You can do anything with applications, they are there to communicate and promote whatever you want in your business.


Facebook have users all over the world and what if your business wants to target a specific demographic area. Yes, you can do that with facebook
advertising. There are lots of customized options which business can use and project their business.


Polls can be used to get immediate answer from users; it is helpful when a business wants to implement a specific feature.

Branding for your business

Facebook can be used extensively to create brand awareness. You can target specific set of people, lure crowd and maintain a balance between new consumers and potential customers.

Drives traffic to your site

It is one of the best ways to attract potential traffic to your site. There are lots of chances these potential customers can turn into active users.

Instant Feedback helps to improve business

Businesses spend a lot to know what customers feel about their products and services; with Facebook you can get instant feedback and commentary about your services. If there is any flaw, it can be rectified immediately.

Facebook marketing is immensely beneficial to business especially when compared to other traditional marketing methods. Use this fantastic tool to promote your products and services to all the users without much effort. The cost involved is also considerably less and even small business can afford to market their brand.

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