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Facebook Graph Search and its effects on SEO

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Ever since Facebook’s announcement back in January of this year relating to the roll out of their Graph Search tool, the search and social industries are overcome with a range of opinions about what it means for both. Here are just a small number of the questions that are on the lips of many people.

Facebook Graph Search

· Is this Facebook’s first step in challenging Google when it comes to search?

· Does Graph Search coupled with Google’s activities around social media show social and search slowly merging into one?

· Is Graph Search a look at the true future of search, where SEO is irrelevant and everything is personalized?

There are even some that are questioning whether Graph Search has any relevance to the search industry at all. Facebook haven’t exactly been blowing people away with their performance in recent times, and for some analysts Graph Search is just the latest example of this.

However, even if Graph Search is ‘only’ relevant to a certain number of Facebook users, it is still going to make a huge footprint in both the search and social media industries. What does it mean and what will the effects be on SEO?

Not a Google Killer

Let us get this one clear right off the bat. Facebook Graph Search is not going to become a search competitor to Google.

There, that was easy.

The Real Impact

Arguably, the biggest impact of Graph Search will be on businesses.

If a business doesn’t have a Facebook page, then the time to get one is now.

Graph Search will be useful in pulling together ‘likes,’ the pages visited, where people ‘check in,’ the content they share, and much more.

Without Facebook as part of a marketing strategy, none of that will be possible. Today, it is said that the business without a website has no chance of succeeding. By the end of the year, the same could be true for a Facebook page!

The Social/Search Merger

A lot of industry experts and analysts see search and social coming closer together, led by Google, who are spending more and more time and money developing Google+.

There is no doubt that the two are fast becoming the same, and Graph Search is yet another indication of that. Search will soon become a case of a business has got one person on board, now what is the best way to sell to their 50 friends, too.

In terms of Graph Search, the ‘like’ button is as important as it has ever been, and the platform could well be an indication of the future of search, when something is ranked based on how many ‘likes,’ ‘retweets,’ or ‘+1’s’ it has received.

Will it Kill Search?

Is SEO as we know it dead?

Many think that is the case anyway, irrespective of Graph Search and other platforms.

While the majority of internet users use social media in some way, it must be remembered that not everyone does, and those who aren’t a part of Facebook, Google+, or another social network, represent a huge business opportunity, too.

Graph Search will have a profound impact and see search undergo further major changes, but kill it? No.

This guest post was written by Robert at Bright Local who provide companies a great SEO software tool for local SEO.

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