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Email and Facebook Security Tips – Prevent Hackers from Spoiling Your Life

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‘Life without computers’ cannot be thought of in the recent times. There is no individual who spends a day without browsing through the Facebook or checking his personal email account. Security is a common term associated with computers, especially when you are browsing the internet. The vast web world is the home for multiple threats and hackers. So, be very cautious when you are surfing the internet.

email and facebook security tips

Do these minimum things, if you like to prevent the hackers from wrecking your life. Though these do not entail complete security, yet you can be safe to a great extent.

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Steps to Stop the Hackers

1.       Keep updated

Before anything else, it is very important to stay updated with the latest internet security tools and measures. Read the up to date news on internet safety aids.

2.       Don’t click email links at random

Generally no financial institution will send you mails having links. So, never click any such mail apart from the ones which you genuinely think is from some known sender.

3.       Use phishing filter

You may receive phishing scam mails showing what will be safe for you. Using a phishing filter will allow you to identify the sender who tries to run this sort of scam on your system.

4.       Monitor the log on locations

Have you ever noticed the text – ‘Last account activity’- at the bottom of the Gmail account? This is a good feature of Gmail which helps you to find out the place from where your mail account is last accessed. If you notice something alarming, you can easily keep a track of the mail access and record all unfamiliar IPs.

5.       Never use PC Administrator’s account

Using an Administrator account is the general trend of the PC users since it gives the chance of adding programs. But it is better to use a non-Administrator account because it reduces virus attack.

6.       Keep a backup of everything

Your computer can be hacked anytime without any prior notice. So, you should always have a backup of your blogs, emails and everything that you have stored in your hard drive. Save everything in an external hard disk so that data retrieval is easy at crisis situation.

7.       Avoid storing important data or sending passwords offline or online    

Do you believe that online data storage is safe? Never… You should never transfer any crucial data or password through email or chat since, if someone entered your account, then your activity is constantly monitored. Also, saving the password in hard drives is also not a wise decision.

These are some of the security measures you can adopt for staying safe with your email and Facebook. Try them!

Above is a guest post by Richard Brown – one of the skilled email tech support engineers capable of offering you the right kind of knowledge. Call him up for all sorts of information.

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