Earth Hour Live Website to See Who is Off Now

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As we know, March 23 is celebrated as an Earth Hour every year. This day every one is supposed to switch off their lights and other electrical appliances for one hour (8:30 to 9:30 PM). However, the whole world is divided into different time zones. That means, the Earth Hour will happen at different times in different countries. So, for example, for Fiji and Australia, Earth Hour has already started.


Earth Hours official site has launched a special page to track Earth Hour Live. One can track who has already gone off or will be going off. As and when it happens it is getting updated on the site. Not only that but the site also provides updates on how and what different countries are doing to make this earth hour event a different.

The site also putting up lots of photos from different parts of the world showing the earth hour activities.

Check out Earth Hour Live.

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