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WhatsApp with Voice Calling – No Invite Required Now – Open for All Android Users

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Famous instant messaging app WhatsApp has the voice calling feature included in the new version. That means, now the feature has been rolled out for all Android users. So unlike earlier no invite required to get the WhatsApp voice calling feature.


Download WhatsApp with Voice Calling

All the Android users need to just download the new version 2.11.528 from the Play Store or version 2.11.531 from the WhatsApp website. The new version will have the voice calling built-in for you.

If you an iPhone user, keep track of rolling out of the new version with voice calling on iTunes page.

The invite feature has been disabled for the time being. So all those who have WhatsApp calling activated, can make WhatsApp calls to their family and friends, but will not be able to activate the calling feature on those phones.

As a matter of caution, one must not ask for any invite for enabling the WhatsApp voice calling. As there is a scam going on wherein some users are spreading malware as a part of sending an invite to users. So when a user clicks on such an invite to enable the voice calling, they are redirected to some fake sites which downloads the dangeroud software onto user’s smartphone.

Hence, if you are an Android user, simply click on the above mentioned links to get the new WhatsApp version with voice calling feature included.

After multiple flip-flops, WhatsApp has finally released the voice-calling feature for all Android users. You will need to download version 2.11.528 from the Play Store or version 2.11.531 from the WhatsApp website.

According to AndroidPolice, the voice-calling can be activated is by receiving a call from someone whose voice-calling is already activated. After you get the call, you need to close and then reopen the app. After that, instead of seeing the most recent chats, you will get three tabs namely Calls, Chats and Contacts. The call tab shows incoming, outgoing and missed calls at the precise times.

This time around WhatsApp has decided to keep the invite-window open for longer duration. Unlike some weeks back when WhatsApp had kept the invite-window open only for a couple of hours.

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