Top 4 Free Useful Calculator and Counter Apps for Android Phones

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I just bought a new Android Mobile Phone, primarily because of all the hype and buzz around Android and how good it is – the talks of so many features it offers, music and user-friendliness etc., were overwhelming to my prejudice. On the first day I found it alright using the phone, told myself that it’s a good phone and its fast, colorful themes and looks cool. But that’s pretty much what every other mobile phone offers, how is Android different and why so much of hype around it? No wonder I felt something was missing, I tried to find out why Android phones are so special.

I came across the Android Market. This is a place where you can download Music just like the Itunes Store and also hundreds of other Applications that can suit your needs. There are over 2 Lakh Applications available for download and for every reason and purpose of usage there is an Android App.

Here are some of my Findings on the Best Coolest and Free and useful calculator and counter apps for  Android Phones

Personal Expense Calculator – Money lover [Free Apps for Android Phones]

I came across cool Apps and games. There is an App called “Money Lover – Expense Manager” that calculates your daily expense and tells you how much you are allowed to spend after you set the restrictions for yourself. Isnt it cool that your phone manages your personal Finances?
To know more about Money Lover and download it click here

Also read about Etsy – buy and sell on mobile apps.


Car Fuel and Mileage Calculator – FuelLog [Download Free Android Apps]

There is FuelLog App to help you manage your Car Fuel and also calculates the Mileage, gives you cost per liter on a daily basis. Save money by tracking your Car’s Fuel Consumption, costs and maintenances. Though the application is free and comes with basic features, to unlock additional features you will need a License key and may have to pay around Rs. 500.
Click here to download Fuel Log


Health Management App – Calorie Counter

This mobile Apps keeps track of what you eat and while you eat, it also shows you the nutrient value of the food, gives you advise on what not to eat and when. It not just keeps track to what you eat but also notes how much you exercise and depending on your weight and physical activity levels it suggests you a food plan. This app is a must have, it’s like having your own personal nutritionist in your cell phone.
Click Here to download Calorie Counter


Voice Command Calculator

Want to calculate complex numbers and hate to type it on the keypad of your phone? Yellout Voice Calculator is here. This is a different type of calculator which recognizes your speech, identifies the numbers in it and is pretty much accurate in its calculations. Talk to your phone, ask “ For a Tshirt of Rs. 1000, with 40% discount, how much should I Pay?” It gives you the answer as Rs. 600,  but it supports only English. Cool Isnt it?
 Click here to download Yellout Voice Calculator


Hope, you would like the above 4 free calculator android apps and counter android apps quite useful.

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