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Discard Keyword Tools to Get Killer Post Ideas:SEO

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Are you also one of those blogger who uses keyword research tools quite regularly, still don’t get that keyword idea to draw just good number of people to your site and blog. You are not alone. There are many like you who have been facing the similar issues and problem. So, what’s the issue and how do we find any other method which can be either equally good or even better than the regular keyword research tools. I am not trying to prove any thing against keyword research tools nor I am asking you to stop using such tools altogether. All I am trying to highlight is if in spite of using keyword finder and other such tools, you are still not reaching anywhere, then it is a time to rethink your strategy a bit.

If you try to Google about keyword research tools like Google adwords keyword tool, Google insights or any other such tool, then, for sure, you will get thousands of results. Out of this huge list, there would be hundreds and thousands of blogs who too are recommending about using these tools to derive the idea for a killer post which will get you lots and lots of organic search traffic. Result is almost every one in the blogosphere tries to use these tools and hence like you, there are thousands other getting the same idea. Hence, it no longer remains the very specific niche which only you are writing on but there are hundreds like you who would be doing the same. Then how do we get that idea and from where should one look for to get such a killer idea.


Browse through offline media like Newspaper, magazines

What makes people to search for something from the search engines? Is it always so that you try to search something you see in the cyber world? Not necessary. In fact, there a big number of people who come to Google or any other search engine only after they see something in the offline world which make them curious to search more. One big example is you will find many people searching for “something” when they first hear about that “something” in the news. When iPhone 4 launch made a news, you will find a big number of people start searching for the same online. Hence, as an alternative, you should start exploring newspapers, magazines and news channels to find what specific to your blog niche making news. Pick that idea, research a bit more and write about that. Not necessarily, you have to write about the news item itself only but you can write about something which may be related to the released news at that moment.

Browse through some big blogs

This is again another idea on what and how people search via search engines. For example, you are running a blog on the topic of social media. Then you can start exploring the related big blogs like Facebook, Twitter etc. Whenever these big players in the social media have something new to inform, then generally do via their official blogs. Hence, you can and you should visit these blogs often to find something new happening and then start writing about similar.

Browse through forums and message boards

Often people uses forums to ask about the additional information or to seek solutions to commonly faced problems and issues. Again, let us take the same example as above of a Social Media blog. Whenever there are some new features added to the existing functionality, these social media players will be informing via their blogs. However, many times these are in beta which means people using these new features will find hurdles and face errors in using the same. Same set of people then start searching for resolution and alternatives to these problems and errors. You will find them reporting about such incidents, errors and problem in various related online forums and message boards. You just have to pick these errors, problems as an idea and research about their solution or alternatives and write about the same in your blog. If few people have got stuck due to these problems, then chances are high about others also getting stuck and looking for solutions online.


So next time you are stuck and not able to attract enough traffic to your post which you wrote based on the keyword ideas given by those big keyword research tools, just give above a try. I am sure it will be worth more than your effort.

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  1. This is another very helpful post. Having the right keywords optimized on your site is key to success in any field or media that a person is pursuing. A lot of people actually do not have the right knowledge to leverage and use this to their advantage. I am learning everyday as a blogger/designer and making the effort to pick up seo books and read blogs like this online to get better and to learn how to efficiently promote or drive more traffic to my website without having to spend a lot of money on paid advertisement. Definitely liking you on facebook.

  2. Maninder,

    Thanks for sharing a great article for us.. keep posted in deep SEO.


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