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Complete Guide to Making Money with Google Adsense

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As a blogger or webmaster, every one’s dream is to make money online via Google adsense and/or other pay per click programs. However, out of all the pay per click programs available, Google adsense is the most popular one.

 Not only it is because of the Google but also because it is most widely suited for all the bloggers and webmasters. With the passage of time, sign-up with Google adsense program is getting more and more difficult. It is because of strict guidelines, terms and conditions.


Google no longer accepts and approves each and every application that comes to them. They accept only the quality sites and blogs who are allowed to use this great pay per click platform.

So, is having only the original content on your website is all that needed to get into Google adsense? Many newbie bloggers have this question in their mind.

Well, it is one of the main criteria but not the only one. As I mentioned, Google now has a very long list of criteria/things which are needed at minimum to get approved for Google adsense program

What is Google Adsense and How Does it Work

Google adsense is the most popular pay per click program to monetize the site and start making money from one’s site or blog. It has different formats of ads that can be used to make money.

 There are two entities – one is advertiser who wants to advertise their site, product or service and other is publisher who is blogger. site owner or webmaster who allow the ads to appear on their site.

 When any one clicks on such ads, publisher gets to make money (irrespective of what person does after clicking the ad).

Google adsense is called pay per click program as money is involved for every valid click and not related with actually buying the product or service.

So, an advertiser gets into the system by signing up for another program called as Google adwords.

A blogger, site owner on the other hand can only monetize their site by first getting approved and then placing the relevant code on their sites.

The code such placed brings the relevant advertisements from google and when any visitor (of your site) clicks on such ad, you make money.

 10 Best Things to do to Get Confirmed  Approval for Adsense

Well, as I mentioned earlier it is not an easy thing to get approved for a Google adsense program these days. But that doesn’t mean it is that complicated.

 There are certain things which you do as a blogger, site owner, then getting approval for adsense becomes an easy task.

 So, let’s understand what are those best things to do to get an easy approval for adsense program;


Writing Original Content

 Well, this is by far the most simple yet a must thing to do get approved for adsense. However that doesn’t mean that with an original content on your site you get a guarantee that you will get approved.

 But, one thing is sure that if you don’t have a unique content, then your application gets rejected almost immediately without getting into any other aspect.

 If you have a site or blog that has a content (something like news etc.) where chances of duplicacy is high, then a piece of advice is refrain from having even a bit of duplicate content on your site before you get approved

Avoid a Free Blogging or Site Platform

 Try getting your own top level domain rather than having something which tells that your blog or site is based on a free platform like,

 So, for example, having a domain like is better than having something like or

 Even if you are running your site on a free platform like, you can book your own top level domain and direct it to the site on

 That way, you don’t have to lose the already built up content and still have your own personal domain /brand. It brings more trust and professionalism feeling to the visitors.

Neat Design and User Friendly Navigation

 Good quality content with a good brand (top level domain) become insignificant if your site’s design is too cumbersome and/or navigation is complicated.

 So, while designing do try to keep things simple and yet professionals if you want an easy approval for adsense.

 Think it from the perspective of an advertiser whose ads will be running on your site – no advertiser would like their site to run any site which doesn’t have a good and professional design and an easy navigation to browse the content of the site.

 So, chances of adsense approval will be high with good design and easy and user friendly navigation.

Disclaimer and Terms n Conditions Page on your site

 While having a disclaimer page or a terms and conditions page is not always mandatory specially for blogs. But it has been found to be quite helpful in getting a fast approval for adsense account. It is probably because it adds more transparency to what your visitors should do and what they should not.

 Moreover, a disclaimer or TnC often talks about advertisements /affiliate sections of your site, so it adds a value in terms of your site being more trustworthy who somehow won’t indulge in any fraudulent activities specially related to adsense clicks etc.

Clear and Accurate Information on About Us and Contact Us pages

 Most of sites do have an about us and contact us page for the obvious reasons. However, a blog may not have it always. But having a about us and contact us page again helps with the adsense approval process.

 Again, because of the reason – that – it adds more transparency and trust to the visitors. Secondly, it helps the adsense approval team to further confirm that the person applying for an adsense account is same who owns the site as specified in About us and contact us page.

 Please note, this is not a mandatory criteria for the adsense approval but having such things always help in getting approved and that too faster.

Adsense is not for minors

 Yes, not many people know about it. But is the foremost condition for getting approved for adsense. The person applying for an adsense account should be above 18 years of age.

 Also, take extra caution while entering the age on adsense applying form because if by mistake you type your age as less than 18 , then you will be rejected immediately.

 These days, it is not uncommon to find younger people (those aged less than 18) who already own a blog or two. The above condition should not pose a restriction for them in monetizing their site via adsense.

 What they can do is that they can ask someone else in their family who is above 18 years of age to apply for adsense account. Later they can have their own account when they are above 18.

Not to to have very short length posts

 Well, if you write articles on any specific topic on your blog, then please ensure not to have very small posts with very less number of words. Such content will pose problems in getting you approval for adsense. So, try to have posts of length of at least 450-500 words.

No Adult Content

 Adsense is not for content like adult, porn, illegal stuff etc. Do check out Google adsense’s official terms and guidelines to know about the list of all such categories which are not eligible for Google adsense.

You can use other Ad networks but only later’

 While Google adsense doesn’t really stop a blogger or webmaster from using any other ad network other than adsense. However, you should refrain from using and placing any other ads until you get approved for adsense account.

How Much Can I Earn with Google Adsense

 Just like any other thing, there is no straight answer to the earning estimate from adsense. Obviously, there are many factors that can affect the earnings.

 Two most important factors that affect are  – traffic i.e. number of visitors, number of clicks and rate per click. Rate per click varies from 1 cent to even 4/5USD per click. However, practically speaking, getting a rate per click of more than $1 per is very rare.

 High rate per click is generally derived from traffic coming from search terms which are highly competitive.

 So a higher competition means – an advertiser has to pay a higher amount per click. Generally, search terms like make money, insurance etc. has quite high rate per click but then it is also equally difficult to get organic search traffic for these keywords.

How to Apply for Adsense

 Once your site  is ready as per above given information, you can apply for your own adsense account at the below URL;

 Ensure, you already have a reasonable good amount of quality content on your site before you proceed to apply for adsense account.

Types of Adsense Ads

 Once you get approved, you can start putting the adsense code on your site so that your site starts displaying the ads. However, you need to take some time to research on what kind of ads do well for you and which ones to avoid.

 Generally, it is seen the banner ads with sizes like 336×280, 300×250 do very well. You must choose to display both the text and image/video content so as to aim for a high rate per click. Such ads do good when places below a title and/or in sidebar.

 For header ads, long width horizontal ads like 468×60 and 728×90 do very well.

 If you have a long scrolling content, then you can also choose to put a long vertical ad of size 160×600.

 Please note to keep maximum number of adsense ads to 3 only on a single page as displaying more than 3 ads won’t show up and  your account may even get disabled by adsense team.

Not Making Much Money with Adsense – Reasons?

 If you are not earning much with adsense ads, then there could be many reasons responsible for same;

Not Enough Traffic

 Obviously, earning depends on number of people who visit your site. So if traffic to your site is not that good, then you should not hope to get a good earning. The number of people who click on adsense ads naturally are generally seen not to be more than 1 to 2% (Click Thru Ratio – CTR). Hence, you can automatically assume the kind of earnings you can get from adsense if you know your traffic figures.

Low rate per click

 If traffic is reasonable and earning is still quite less, then low rate per click is the reason. There are very few niches that has a higher rate per click. Most of other common niches are generally low rate per click. So for example a niche like insurance and finance can give you more rate per click and more earning even with lesser traffic.

Best WordPress Themes to Increase Adsense Earning

 Well, here am assuming that your site or blog is based on most popular platform i.e. wordpress. So, if you are using wordpress, then choice of wordpress theme is going to play a major role in deriving traffic as well as adsense earning. Generally it is seen a premium or paid theme is better than a free one.


Even with paid themes, the ones which has built in SEO can do more help than others. Second factors where a paid wordpress theme can help is with the placement of ads. If a adsense ad is not placed well, then it may not bring enough clicks and hence a lower earning.

 So, next question is which paid theme(s) are best to boost your adsense income. I have personally experienced that using any of the below theme(s) frameworks can almost double your earning with adsense. I have been using all the below three framework on my bouquet of more than 15 sites and have seen a substantial increase in adsense earning the moment I switched to these;

Thesis Theme


Theme Junkie

As a concluding statement, I would like to inform that if you don’t get approved for adsense due to whatsoever reasons, then it is not end of road. There are many alternatives to adsense that can be used to make money with your site. We shall discuss those further in details.

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