Comparison between Cheapest 3G Tablet PCs in India

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Some time back, we had informed you about Chinese mobile giant G’Five’s plan to launch a cheap tablet PC in India (price less than Rs. 10000). Subsequent to that news, there has been a rush of not just cheap but cheapest best tablet PC in India. These Android based 3G cheapest tablet PCs have been launched by different company and range from around Rs. 4500 ($99) to Rs. 15999 ($340). However, they do vary in terms in technical specifications, features and company’s existing reputation and size. The cheapest of the lot has been launched by a Bangalore based company named Lakshmi Access Communication Systems. All of these tablets are Android based and are 3G enabled. As with any gadget, a war seems to have started among these cheapest tablet PC in India manufacturers. Even the end users seems to be a bit confused and are unable to decide which one to buy. So I have laid down a comparison between cheapest tablet PCs in India which you can refer below to make an informed decision.

Please note many of these tablets though may not have in-built 3G but can support an external 3G dongle.

Check out – How to buy Aakash Tablet – World’s cheaptest tablet computer.

DataWind’s Aakash / UbiSlate Tablet (Price Rs. 2500 – 2999)

DataWind’s Aakash or UbiSlate tablet seem to have pushed LACS mangum Pepper from the lowest priced tablet slot. Aakash tablet which has been launched as a student’s tablet has been so far the world’s cheapest tablets. The tablet has been launched in collaboration with Govt. of India and is being given to students at even more subsidized rates than what is available in the retail market. Click here if you want to know more about the Aakash tablet, its detailed specs, features, price, competitors and a detailed review.

aakash tablet pc

WishTel Ira (Price Rs. 4000 – 5500)

With price tag of Rs. 4000 to Rs. 5500, WishTel’s Ira has probably been the closest competitor to DataWind’s Aakash tablet. The tablet seems to have a better processor and a higher memory with ofcourse a higher price tag as well. Ira is being looked upon as a replacement to Aakash and WishTel as an alternative to DataWind in case DataWind fails to get the extension of contract by Govt. of India.

wishtel ira tablet

Micromax FunBook Tablet PC (Price in India Rs. 6499)

Quite contrary to its name, Micromax Tablet PC Funbook has been launched as a fully loaded educational tablet with an approximate price tag of Rs. 6499. However, tablet has got quite a lot of entertainment and fun features as well which makes Micromax Tablet PC Funbook a real edutainment tablet.

micromax funbook tablet pc price in India

Mercury mTab (Priced below Rs. 10,000)

Mercury mTab though expesive than the aboves ones is still a tablet priced below Rs. 10000. Actual price is Rs. 9499. The 7 inch Mercury mTab is based on Android Gingerboard OS with 1.2 GHz 3 core processor.

mercury mtab

Lakshmi Access Communication System’s Magnum Pepper Tablet PC

LACS Magnum Pepper M74V tablet PC is the cheapest tablet PC in India as of date (Auguest 2011). However, it is also from a company which is not so well known. This 7 inch tablet works on Google Android 2.2 Froyo OS and has a 800 MZ processor. It has got 256 MB RAM and 4GB internal storage. These tablets are 3G and WiFi enabled and also have a support for an external keyboard. Magnum Pepper tablet PC in India is priced at Rs. 4500.


Wespro ePad (Android Tablet PC in India)

This 8 inch touch screen 3G enabled tablet PC in India comes from Wespro (a Network 18 company) and is available at a price of Rs. 6999. It has got a RAM of 256 MB and an internal memory of 2GB Nand flash.

Beetel Magiq from Bharti

Beetel Magiq priced at around Rs. 9990 is from the famous telecom company Bharti. It runs on Android 2.2 and has a processor speed of 1GHz. It has a dual camera (2MP + 2MP) and has an access to free apps of Android market. It is 3G and WiFi enabled tablet PC in India.

Reliance 3G Tab

Reliance 3G Tab runs on Android 2.3 OS and uses Reliance 3G’s superior IP network. It has a talk tine of around 9 hours with 300 hours as standby time.It weighs around 390 grams. It has various features like video recording, Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth voice calling, FM radio, GPS, Mobile TV. It is available at a price of Rs. 12999 in India.


OlivePad V-T100 from Olive Telecom

OlivePad from Olive Telecom is highest priced so far among these cheapest and best tablet PC in India. It is priced at around Rs 15999 in India. It has various features like Internet, Push Email, support for Office documents, eBook Reader, Phone, Photos, Video, Social Networking etc. It weighs around 375 grams and has got both front and back cameras.

Comparison between cheapest 3G and Best Android tablet PC in India

LACS Magnum Pepper Wespro ePad Beetel Magiq Reliance 3G Tab OlivePad V-T100
Operating System Android 2.2 FroYo Google Android 2.2 Android 2.2 (Froyo) Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) Android OS, v2.2 (Froyo)
Processor 800MHz VIA 8650 800MHz 1Ghz Snapdragon Processor 800 MHz ARM11 600MHz
Display 8 inch WVGA wide touch screen (800*480) 8 Inch 7″ WVGA TFT Touch Screen 7 inch TFT-LCD WVGA screen 7” TFT
800×480 WVGA Display
RAM 256 MB 256 MB 4 GB 512MB
Internal Memory 4GB 2GB Nand Flash 8 GB 512 MB RAM 512MB NAND Flash and microSD
External Memory supports a microSD card up to 32 GB Expandable up to 32GB with TF Card Expandable up to up to 16GB Supports MicroSD card upto 32GB (4GB MicroSD Card offered Free) expandability up to 32GB
Size 20.6 x 15.8 x 1.1 cm 110 x 11.5 x 179.4
Weight 0.50 kg 389 gms 375g
Built-in WiFi yes 802.11b/g 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi Hotspot 802.11 b/g
Camera Front Camera 300 K Pixels Dual Camera – (2MP + 2MP) Back: 2 megapixel Front: VGA
  • 3 Mega Pixel (Back Camera)
  • VGA Camera (Front)
3G 3G compatible dongle Yes Yes Yes Yes
Battery Li-polymer 7.4V 2000mAh 2200 mAh 3400mAH, Li-On Li-Polymer, 3240mAH
Touching Two-point touching, zoom in or out for Picture and Webpage Capacitive multi-touch screen Touch & Capacitive Type
Battery Backup 2-3 Hours Upto 9 hours ( 300 hrs stand by time )* TalkTime – GSM Upto 26hours, WCDMA Upto 9 hours
Standby – Upto 600Hours for GSM/WCDMA
Multimedia Play Musics, Movies and Online Games Play Musics, Movies and Online Games Play Musics, Movies and Online Games Play Musics, Movies and Online Games Play Musics, Movies and Online Games
Functions Internet, Email, Information Search Internet surfing, information searching and News reading Internet, Email, Facebook, Internet, Email, Video recorder, Wi-Fi Hotspot,Bluetooth Voice calling, GPS, FM Radio, Alarm, speaker phone, MobileTV, SMS, MMS Internet, Email, Office Documents, ebook Reader, Phone, Mobile maps,
PRICE Rs 4500 Rs 6999 Rs 9990 Rs 12999 Rs 15990

 Click here to check the availability of the above cheapest 3G and best tablet PC in India and buy them online. Else, click here, if you want to buy these from outside India.

Hope, you will find the above information and the comparison quite useful. This will help you to make the final decision on buying a cheapest and best 3G tablet PC in India.

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  1. I bought zync tablet for 5k from, but it don’t support any 3G dongle and without internet non of the table is of any use. The customer care of Zync is also not responding on phone or email. Don’t go for it.

  2. Hi,

    Recently i have been hearing a lot about this Xtab A10 which is the cheapest 5 point capacitive, 1.5 GHz, HDMI, USB, Android 4.0 tablet @ Rs 5490 launched by NXG Electronics. Can you please suggest me whether or not i should book this tablet for me as i am really new to this tablet world.

    1. I already own a Xtab A10 and believe it or not i could not have expected a better product. If you have wifi access at your home, dont spend on those costly tabs. Just go for an Xtab A10 for Rs. 5490

  3. Dear Sir Maninder Sing, thanks for your post. please tell me how & where i can buy a BSNL tablet, the purpose of using of tablet is for video calling, so kindly suggest me which one i would buy with around Rs. 6000. i hope soon you will response my query. thank a lot.

  4. I bought zync tablet for 5k from, but it don’t support any 3G dongle and without internet non of the table is of any use. The customer care of Zync is also not responding on phone or email. Don’t go for it.

  5. hello friends,every one is interested in cheap tab but no one know about their performance.
    on net we only find their specification but nothing about their hardware performance.
    why a tab is rs.10000/- and another only rs.5000/-
    i think there must be something missing…only those know the reality who purchase these cheap tab.
    so please tell us about performance not specification….?

  6. Kolakaluri SriKiran · Edit

    In the final comparision chart given by you MicroMax Funbook is missing. Otherwise good compilation of data. Decision making is easy.

  7. Hi Guys

    The Most Important facts are Missing, We were also in talks with BSNL and Launching the TABLETS in India
    here are the point You need to Look at before buying the Tablets

    1) Please go only Capacitive Tablets- cheaper Ones costing around 5000 have Resistive (Don’t even look at Resisitive You will Repent)
    2) when they say 3g Dongle Supported means on MICRO USB Slot u need to connect 3G Dongle Which means HUWAEI 153 model will support, Please note all 3G dongles will not support Something Like TATA Docomo or MTS may not be Supported
    3) None of the Above (except) Reliance has SIM card support-when SIM card is part of Tablet means you can make Calls /Receive Calls and You dont need Extra Dongle for 3G surfing
    4) Dont Look at any Tablet less then 1GHZ processor and minimum 512MB RAM preferably 1GB RAm , NAND Flash of 4GB or 8GB should be looked at minimum
    5)A Good 7 or 8 Inch 1GHZ or 1.5GHZ Cortex/BoxChip Processor Tablet would Start from 7000 to 9000/-
    6) A good 8 inch Tablet With SIM Card will cost upwards of Rs 12,000/- with SIM SLOT
    7) Look for MULTi TOUCH 5 point or 10 point multi Touch
    8) Look for HDMI SLOT, USB SLOT AND Preferably 3.5 inch for connecting Headphones/speakers
    9) Most of the Good Tablet will Support Office and outlook etc which will normally be in 8GB Storage tablets -expandable upto 32GB Mico SD/TFlash should be minimum
    Should you Need More info Please write to me

  8. Hai everybody, I have booked a AAkash Ubi slate 7 in December 2011. But I not yet received till the date.I am asking many times through email. But no response. Some times I receives a simple reply as “next month you will receive” . The booking system is EYE wash.


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