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Are you looking for cloud based website monitoring tools to check the uptime, downtime, performance? There are many free and paid website monitoring tools available these days which can serve all such purpose. As a matter of fact, most of these website monitoring tools offers a lot many features.

Monitor.Us – All in One Website Monitoring from Cloud is a free cloud based all in one website monitoring tool which can help you identify any issue quickly which affect your website performance.

Other than, website monitoring, it also offer many othe features like network monitoring, server monitoring, full page load monitoring.


Website Downtime Monitoring with Pingdom

 Pingdom is a service that constantly monitors the website and alerts as soon as there is a downtime. Pingdom offers free and paid service.

 They have multiple check locations which enables to monitor the website from as many as 50 different locations around the world.

 The alerts are given on emails on daily, weekly and monthly basis.


Site Uptime – Premium Cloud based Monitoring Tool

SiteUpTime is another cloud based monitoring service that checks the site every 30 minutes and alerts on SMS and email as soon as it is down. It is a premium service.


Site 24×7 – Faster way to Monitor Site UpTime

Site 24×7 offers free and premium service to monitor site’s uptime and performance in a rather faster and effective way.



WebsitePulse is another web based monitoring tool to check and track the site constantly. It has checking frequency of 60 minutes.


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