Cheapest ever $35 Tablet Computer Launched [Aakash]

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If you had seen out earlier post on comparison between cheapest tablets in India, then you would know about LACS’s magnum pepper which cost around Rs 4500. If that was not enough, Kapil Sibal, HRD minister, Govt of India announced about the cheapest ever tablet being launched on 5 October, 2011. Yes, this would be the cheapest ever you would heard till date and if we are to believe Mr Kapil Sibal, then it will cost just $35 or Rs. 1700/ Rs. 1500. When Kapil Sibal made the first ever announcement about this tablet just an year back, it was named “Sakshat”. However, it is still not very clear as what will be the actual name with which this cheapest ever tablet is getting launched. Its quite probable that it may not get launched with earlier decided name as Mr Sibal revealed that the name will be announced only at the time of launch. Nor do we have enough clarity on this tablet’s internal and features and specifications. However, keeping in mind the price factor, one should not expect the features to be really great. Nevertheless, it is really a best bargain to own a full fledged computer at such a low price of Rs 1700 /Rs. 1500 or $35. Check the below image of Aakah tablet (click to enlarge).



Initially, this $35 tablet computer will be made available to the students only. However, it is still a question as to how and when. Either the HRD ministry could distribute it via schools and colleges or it may well be sold out from the some retail chains outlets.

The device – $35 tablet computer has been indigenously developed and is a collective effort of Ministry, IITs, IISc, VIT, Vellore and students. If we could believe the earlier promise made by Kapil Sibal then its price may come further down to a level of $20 or so.


Device has been given a name of “Aakash” during its launch just few hours back.

Technical Specifications and Features of cheapest ever $35 Tablet- Aakash

As per the detail given earlier last year at the launch of the prototype, this $35 tablet likely to be available in 5/7/9 inch sizes and it will ofcourse be touchscreen. It will be loaded internet browsers, PDF reader, video conferencing, media player, open office etc. Some of the main points about $35 tablet’s features, technical specs, drawbacks are as below;

  • Based on Google Android OS 2.2
  • Has 366 MHz processor speed with dedicated HD video processor and 2 GB onboard flash storage.
  • Device weighs around 350 grams with dimensions 190.5×118.5×15.7mm
  • Available in 5 inch, 7 inch and 9 inch resistive touch screen.
  • Has 256 MB RAM.
  • Has Storage: 2GB Flash memory + 2GB Micro SD card (expandable to 32GB)
  • Has 2 USB, Mini USB and no video-out ports.
  • Has a built in Wi-Fi and multimedia content. GPRS and SIM will be available in the later models.
  • Remote device management capabilities.
  • Device can play full HD videos at 1080p.
  • It has 2100mAh battery which lasts for 1.5 – 2 hours in case of watching videos and 3 hours otherwise.

There are some drawbacks as well –

  • Touchscreen is not very great.
  • Touchscreen can be used only with a stylus and not with fingers.

Aakash Rs 1700 Tablet PC Features Review Video

Please have a look at the below video for a somewhat understanding about the $35 tablet’s look and feel, features, specs and usability.

How and Where to Buy Aakash Tablet PC (At Cheapest ever Price of Rs. 1500 / Rs. 1700 in India)

As per the information available until now, the $35 tablet PC is expected to be made available to school, college and university students only. There is no official communication on how and where a retail customer (non-students) can buy it from? Also, if the the same price of $35 will be applicable in the retail open market as well? Which retail companies, dealers network will be selling it? These are just few of questions which are still unanswered and bothering people interested in owing this amazing device. Probably, we should get an answer to all such question by 5th October 2011 when this $35 tablet will be officially launched.

Again, it is not very clear as yet if the announced price of $35 is the real price or the subsidized one. If one is to do the breakup of individual components of the tablet, even then at the lowest price possible, the cost comes out to be somewhere close to $48 or $50.

But, yes, $35 tablet is a reality now and is no more a mere speculation. Lets wait until few days more (5 October 2011) when we will come to know about all the details about $35 tablet.


For all of you, who have been following up to know about the next better version of this world’s cheapest tablet – here is a good news. The next better and faster version named Aakash-2 has been scheduled to be launched in February 2011 with lots of better features and more speed and processing powers. Check out the Aakash-2 features and specs.

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  1. Sir, i am highly interested to buy this tablet,because i am a btech 1st yr. student Gandhi eng. College,bbsr, plz give me information ,how&where i can purchase it.plz contact me @ +91-8895658368

  2. Sir, i m ram ranjan. i want a akash pc becausee, i m persuing mba so pc is very necessary for me. plz tell me sir how can i purchase akash pc. my no. is– 09555259858

    1. Everyone,
      We are in touch with the company to find out the details about the availability on the tablet in the market and also how and where to buy it from? So please stay tuned and will inform shrotly. Please join our facebook page, RSS Feed and follow us on twitter so that you don’t really miss out on the information because all of our regular readers, subscribers and followers will get to know about this information before than others.

  3. Hai Sir!dis s divya 4m final yr B.S.C Student.plz ensure me d detail dat where i have to get AAKASH mini computer and at what cost?plz sir.kindly send me the details as it may be useful 4 me were really i don’t have system n my home.thank u sir.

  4. Hello Sir,

    I want to puchase UBISLATE upgrated version of aaskah tablet pc.
    I am a student I want to knw weither subsidy is available for this ver. also

    The upgraded retail model UbiSlate 7 tablet is expected to have 3G connectivity via an external 3G dongle.
    UbiSlate 7 tablet model is expected to have a front & rear facing camera as well for video chat which is missing in basic students model Aakash tablet.

  5. I want to purchase this mini tablet “Aakash”. UBISLATE.
    Please help me.
    i am student.where can i get this tablet pc ?
    provide me the details about this, to my Email ID,,, please….
    I’m from JHARSUGUDA – 768201 ..ORISSA
    Thanking you.


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