Android Apps to Charge Battery Without Charger & Get Full-Charge Alert

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What do you do when you want to make an important call, and your battery is too low or gone? Well, you fret and curse the time and you say why this happens with me all the time. However, if you are an android phone user and your battery is low, you are lucky. Android market has introduced many applications that work to charge your battery without manually plugging your phone or using any electricity. Then, there is an app, which if you are using traditional charger, can alert and notify when battery is fully charged.

1. Shake to charge battery

charge battery without charger android shake

This is the latest application that is trending on Google play market. The concept of the application is simple; you just need to shake up your phone to charge your phone battery. The application works on the motion power, so you need to charge the battery by shaking your phone for about a minute.

When you shake your phone, the battery will charge automatically. You have to use your force to charge the battery with this application. So, the next time your battery is weak, just shake your phone charge up your battery. Until now, the review of the application has been quite good.

(Disclaimer: Please note, this application doesn’t actually charge the battery of your android phone. It is only a Fun application. Smile)

2. Solar charger (Save Electricity)

If you believe in “save the environment concept” then this application is for you. Just place your android phone at a place, where there is enough sun light. The application has three different solar panels to choose from. When the charging starts, your phone would vibrate as it happens with manual charging.

There is an option of sleep mode in this application. It lets you run in the switch off mode as well. There is a charging animation feature in the solar charger application, which is quite helpful. The application gets updated on automatic basis.

(Disclaimer: This too is a fun application only and dare to put your phone in direct sunlight at your own risk only.Smile)

solar charger android mobile

3. Eco charger (Alert When Battery Fully Charged)

This application is for those people who do not remove their phone from the charger. How many times have you unplugged your phone after charging at the right time? Well, do not worry this application provides instant notification on charging to save your battery life and power consumption.

The application provides battery charged notification and battery-consumed notification. It also provides the vibrator notification which lets you use the on and off mode.

eco charger save electricity
So, above are some useful and different ways to charge the battery of your android phone without using electricity and then Eco charger is to notify you well in time when battery is fully charged in case you are using usual electricity chargers. These applications can be downloaded free from the android market.

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