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What Makes Thesis WordPress Theme Best SEO Optimized

First of all Thesis theme for wordpress is one of the very few (or the only one, if I am not wrong) themes for WordPress which is being widely used by thousands users worldwide without any complaint. In fact, you will find many examples wherein people switched from some old theme to thesis but not vice-verca. Click Here Now, if you too want to want to make your site/blog world famous like Monika Nybom and make money from it. This is all because of many reasons out of which  SEO has come…

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Why WordPress is Always Better for SEO SEO Wordpress Wordpress SEO 

Why WordPress is Always Better for SEO

SEO depends on web designers and content developers making the right moves with their websites. Relying on strong content, smart design, and a website that is easily “crawled”— among other elements—is essential to SEO today. To meet those goals, SEOs need to use the right platform. WordPress, even in the post-Hummingbird, increasingly challenging Internet environment, is the best platform for the job. Here’s why WordPress is always better for SEO. Ease of Content Building and Design Simply put, WordPress benefits SEO strategies because it is easy to use. Developers can create content quickly, efficiently, and…

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WordPress Thesis Theme: The Many Advantages

If you are new to thesis theme, then you must know the advantages of using the thesis theme. There are many advantages of thesis theme, which can help you to get familiar with using the same. The theme is favorite amongst all the publishers. Want to know more about the advantages, then read on. Best theme for search engine optimization: This is the best theme for search engine optimization. It has many features that automatically update the search engine ranking report. There are many plug-ins to choose for search engine…

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10 Best WordPress Widgets and Plugins to Get Repeat Site Visitors

Getting a repeat visitor to your blog or site has got lots of advantages. You need a little effort to build a reputation with the repeat visitors as they already know your site and blog. They also help in driving a new traffic to the blog or site by referring it to other. If you are using a WordPress based blog or site, then some best wordpress widgets and plugins for 2012 that help you get repeat visitors i.e. making visitors come and visit the site again and again. Most of these best wordpress…

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Thesis Theme 1.8.1 Released with Improved Performance

Thesis – great WordPress theme has been much widely used and one of the most sought after theme for WordPress bloggers. As I had already explained earlier about the great SEO and performance benefits which makes it widely acceptable themes. Already thousands of users world wide are using this theme without any problem, rather, with some additional benefits over other themes. It is a good news that new version Thesis 1.8.1 has been released which fixes the edit category bug as well as enhanced performance due to removal of cache…

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