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Convert your Blog into magazine with Google Currents

Google Currents is the newly launched Flipboard like apps which can convert your blog into a magazine format. This magazine format of your blog can be read on mobile phones, tablet, iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Best part is that converted magazine format of the blog can be accessed offline as well with embedded images. You just need to provide the title and the RSS feed of your blog and that’s all it needs. It then converts the blog RSS feed into a magazine format quite suited for tablet, iPad,…

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No Need to Remember your Login Details with Password Genie

These days every one has more than one email Id, more than one accounts on social networking sites, multiple internet banking accounts, so on and so forth. On an average how many user ids and passwords does one gets to remember. Worst part is how do you remember so many user id and passwords. Well, many of you may be avoiding this by keeping the same user ids and passwords on all of their online accounts. Or else, many of you must be writing down your passwords somewhere on your…

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Slimcleaner: Use Social Networking to Optimize your PC Performance

You all have been using social networking to connect with friends and relatives and share updates, photos and video. Quite interestingly, now the same social networking is here to help you with repairing and optimizing your PC performance. Slimcleaner from Slimware Utilities is the world’s first such utility or software that uses the cloud based community feedback to help you to optimize your PC performance. Best part is it is totally Free which means you can download and start using it straightaway without paying anything ever. The company, Slimware utilities, however…

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Protect, Optimize and Speed Up your Windows PC with Piriform CCleaner

Before getting to know about CCleaner, let us first see the most common problems all of us do face with regard to windows PC. We often find performance of windows PC going down due to the routine usage. It happens because of all the temporary files and data getting accumulated, temporary internet files generated, problem within registry settings due to installation and un-installation of software etc. Next to performance is the concern for online privacy which often gets invaded due to the generation of history of websites etc. All of…

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CopyTrans Manager – Best and Free iTunes alternative

If you have been looking for an iTunes alternative but could not find something that is equally good or even better, then CopyTrans Manager brings that good news to you. CopyTrans Manger is the first fully functional freeware iTunes alternative that supports iPad, iPhone and iTouch. Unlike the synchronization limitations by iTunes, it enable you to add music tracks, videos to any iPod, iPad, iTouch on any computer. Further more, it doesn’t require any installation and is quite portable. You can take it anywhere and use to organize your iPhone…

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