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EaseUS – Data Recovery Software for PC, Laptop, Tablet & Removable Devices.

One common thing which most of gadgets users these fear about is loss of data. The reason is obvious. As a user, you could have spend a lot of time, effort and even money to get that data. So losing it would be the last thing you desire. Most of users uses multiple gadgets now a days ranging from PC, Laptop, Tablet and removable devices as well like Pen drives etc. If for whatsoever reason, you lose the important data, then you getting it back somehow become your foremost priority.…

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7 Basic Reasons Why Backup Software Is Important

Having a backup software can make your computer usage so easy and risk-free. Yes, it’s definitely risk free noting that such software tool will be able to transfer, migrate and protect some important files from any form of harm. Here, you will know about the 7 basic reasons why backup software is really important. 1. A Backup Software Can Clone HDD to SSD. Cloning HDD to SSD is important. Cloning is having the same copy of soft files and information from one particular source to another area or reference point. In the case of…

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Software Utility to Automate the Mouse and Keyboard Actions

Automatic Mouse and Keyboard is the software utility that helps you to automate the mouse and keyboard actions without any manual interventions. For example, for activities like software installations, playing games or any other such activities requiring constant and repeatedly clicking by mouse at some point on the screen. The software allows you to even input predefined text automatically. You can create, edit and optimize the mouse and keyboard actions and schedule the tasks. The automatic clicking on the screen will be based on locating a small picture on the…

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Share your Keyboard and Mouse with Multiple Computers

Do you belong to that category of people who use more than one computers /laptops. If yes, then, now you can control all the computers with just one set of keyboard and mouse. However, the maximum number of computers that can be controlled using one keyboard and mouse is just four. Still, enough for most of people. Mouse without Borders is the software by Microsoft that does help you with this. The software has been developed by Microsoft as a side project and is an initiative of Microsoft Garage project.…

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Top 10 Free Software Utilities to Recover Deleted Files

Are you worried of losing your data? Are you looking for free software utilities to help you recover your deleted files? If yes, then there are many file recovery tools to help individuals get the files that they have accidentally deleted and the top 10 free tools have been discussed in this article. Top 10 Free Software Tools to Recover Deleted Files The list includes some very famous and common names like Pandora Recovery, Recuva, Undelete Plus. Yet, there are many more which can help you to undelete files. Most…

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