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Modi’s Victory Tweet Breaks Twitter India Records

Narendra Modi’s tweet informing and acknowledging the victory in the Lok Sabha elections broke many twitter India records. For one, it was the most retweeted tweet and it was retweeted more than 66k times. The same tweet was the fastest ever to reach the 10k, 20 k, 30 k and 40 k retweets. Prior to the above, the other two top tweets also belong to Modi. In one, he has shared an autographed photograph of himself taking blessings of his mother. Second one, he tweeted asking his followers to write…

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Hackers Forced Twitter to Reduce the Characters Limit from 140 to 120

Here is a small bad news for twitter users. Over the security & increase in hacking attempts, twitter has decided to reduce the number of characters limit from current 140 to 120. Now when Twitter user want to share a URL there are only 118 left in which to add commentary. Recently, twitter account of famous fast food joint Burger King was hacked and its logo was changed to that of McDonald. Increasing in such incidents have been quite bothersome for twitter and its users. Such incidents have also resulted…

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Hackers Sold Burger King to McDonald?

“Burger King Sold to McDonald” – this is exactly what the tweet posted from the official twitter account of Burger King. But it was not an official news from Burger King. Rather, twitter account of the famous fast-food giant Burger King was hacked and hackers changed the profile picture of the account to that of McDonald’s logo. The hacker didn’t stop here and kept posting obscene and false news tweets – one of which mentioned about Burger King being sold to McDonald. Hackers Changed the Twitter Profile Pic of Burger…

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“Four More Years” Makes World Record on Twitter and Facebook

“Four More Years” is the phrase that Barack Obama used on Twitter and Facebook to inform about his winning the US President Elections. However, he may not have realized that it will lead to another world record. This phrase is now the most re-tweeted phrase on Twitter ever. The phrase was tweeted from Obama’s official twitter account. It has been retweeted more than half million times within minutes of posting it.     Similarly, the photo uploaded on Facebook showing Obama hugging his wife has got the most likes ever.…

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What Does the New Twitter Redesign Mean for Profiles?

With the recent increase in focus on social media for both individuals and small businesses, even slight changes in profile design make big waves throughout tech blogs across the Internet. The recent redesign announced by Twitter was no different, sending the blogosphere in a frenzy to analyze the changes and evaluate their marketing worth. A few of the changes will be major, while others will be minor in the big scheme of social media. A few of the more prominent changes you need to know about include; New Twitter Profile…

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