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Top 5 cheapest android phone

Today, we have many options to choose from in Android smartphones. It is not an easy task to decide on which one to buy unless you know your requirement and priority very well. For the budget users, who are looking for some cheaper options in Android phone, we have listed below top 5 cheapest android phones which are best suited for users who don’t want to buy any expensive smartphone and yet have most of the basic features. 1. Magicon M3 atom price 3250 We have Magicon M3 on our…

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Top 5 Call Tracking Apps for Android

Android phones are probably the easiest phones to track. And of course there is more than one reason for this. To start with, Android sets run an open OS, one that is open to third party apps and hence can be susceptible to external configuring and execution. And then on top of that, the Android Market place allows third party apps. So in other words there are numerous access points for Android spyware. Needless to say this is very common since Android is the most popular platform. But since it…

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Top 5 websites to Watch Videos and Movies

The internet is the best place to find entertaining home videos, watch hilarious viral clips or even catch up on TV shows and films. We aren’t always at home to see our favorite show and sometimes we forget to record it which is what makes online video websites so great. Not only do they provide a useful catch-up TV service for busy people, but they are also great for visiting during your mid-morning coffee and biscuit break at work. If you enjoy sending around funny video clips to your work…

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Google Advanced Search Tricks for Students and Scholors

All the students after getting admission in the course and college of their choice (or even if not of choice) start struggling to know the name of the books, notes and course material and other such reference material. These days it is not only about the offline stuff but students also start spending substantial amount of time on internet to find out all the resources and material. However, internet is so vast that at times it becomes difficult to get the information you want. Even if some how you are…

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Blogging: Top 5 Reasons Why It is an Ideal Profession for Housewives

Women by their nature are supposed to be very talkative and expressive. One can find hundreds of jokes in circulation over the SMSs and internet regarding woman’s talkative nature. However, now there is another serious side to it as well which not many people (including, women themselves) pay much attention to. Blogging is all about expressing ourselves on whatever topic we know or we like to talk about. Then isn’t Blogging something, which could be the best profession for women and which is expected to be liked by them a…

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