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7 Basic Reasons Why Backup Software Is Important

Having a backup software can make your computer usage so easy and risk-free. Yes, it’s definitely risk free noting that such software tool will be able to transfer, migrate and protect some important files from any form of harm. Here, you will know about the 7 basic reasons why backup software is really important. 1. A Backup Software Can Clone HDD to SSD. Cloning HDD to SSD is important. Cloning is having the same copy of soft files and information from one particular source to another area or reference point. In the case of…

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EaseUS Data Recovery – Tool to Recover the Deleted Files and Word Document.

They say we only know the true value of something, once we lost it. But can you afford to lose all your data kept in your computer or storage? If something unfortunate were to happen, then how to recover deleted files? Or how to recover word document that you have been working on for the past few days? Surely all of us have gone through the pain and suffering of losing stuffs. That’s where you will need EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 9.5 to help you on how to recover…

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Tool to Guess How Old a Person Look. Try it for Celebs and See Results.

Microsoft has developed a tool which can be used to guess a person’s age by analyzing his/her pic. In fact, it is a tool to know how old do a person look rather than his/her real age. It is because a person may be younger or older than how he/she looks in his/her photos. So, this software does nothing but analyzes the photo to determine about how old a person is. This face detection tool analyzes the eyes, skin and other parameters of the face to come up with an…

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Cloud based Website Monitoring Tools

Are you looking for cloud based website monitoring tools to check the uptime, downtime, performance? There are many free and paid website monitoring tools available these days which can serve all such purpose. As a matter of fact, most of these website monitoring tools offers a lot many features. Monitor.Us – All in One Website Monitoring from Cloud is a free cloud based all in one website monitoring tool which can help you identify any issue quickly which affect your website performance. Other than, website monitoring, it also offer…

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