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Secure your Smartphone with Android’s Top Antivirus Apps

Gone are the days when the security threat from hackers or virus was restricted to computers; Smartphones are new in the league. These days’ people normally follow the method of synchronizing their mobile devices with PC for seamless use. Hence, all personal and professional information including emails, documents, videos, photos, etc. gets stored on mobile which certainly needs to be protected. Here comes the role of Antivirus softwares which will not let hackers succeed in their task. Going with the age old axiom ‘Prevention is better than cure’; let’s protect…

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The Rise of 10 Most Dangerous and Malignant Computer Viruses

Computer virus is a kind of hidden software code which affects or do harm to the real programs. It poses a universal threat to users as it can harm our computer in various ways such as erasing and corrupting system files, slowing down the processing or operating speed, copying data without consent and making the computer freeze/hang. Since many users were not aware of the viruses earlier, quite a lot of computers were affected as users downloaded the virus unknowingly. As time went by, antivirus proved to be the real…

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Hacking – Simple tips to safeguard your computer at risk

Computer hacking is basically associated with the bad acts of secretly invading others computers and messing with the data or programs. It’s a malicious act performed by expert programmers who exploit the weaknesses of the network and try to hack others system to harm the files or data, retrieve confidential information for personal or professional gain or write viruses. The security of the computer depends on various elements; so if any of the elements is affected, the security will get exploited.   Best & Simple Tips to Protect your Computer…

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Facebook & Google Notification Alerts for DNS Changer Malware Infection

Facebook and Google have also been spreading awareness and alerting users about DNS changer malware infections. As soon as you try to access Facebook or Google search from an infected computer, you get to see an alert which prompts you to clean-up fast or lose internet access on July 9, 2012. You can have a look at the screen shots of the alerts being displayed by Facebook and Google. So, if you have been seeing such alerts screen while accessing Facebook or Google, then be warned that your computer is…

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Country-wise Map of DNS Changer Malware Infection– US & Italy Leads

Shadowserver.org has created a word map showing country-wise DNS changer malware infections. The map has all the country names which have the infected computers due to this malware. The bigger the name of the country on the map, the larger is the infected computers. Looking at the map, it is clearly visible that US, Italy, Germany, India & UK are the top five most infected countries due to the DNS malware. Country-wise Map & Geo Movie Video of DNS Changer Malware Infection Shadowserver team has also released a movie video…

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