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Most Easy Way to Find The IMEI Number of Any Mobile Phone

IMEI number of any mobile phone is a unique number/code that helps to recognize the device on network. For any mobile phone or say, any device, IMEI number will always be unique. Hence, it become very crucial when your mobile phone gets stolen. One Step Way to Find IMEI Code of Any Mobile Phone Using Settings. IMEI number can really help locate your mobile phone and can further help in tracing it and recovering it IMEI number will always remain the same throughout the life of a mobile handset. It…

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How To Hide Last Seen Timestamp in WhatsApp

If you are a Whatsapp user, then you must also be thinking about a way to stop the last seen stamp. Here is how you can hide the last seen timestamp in Whatsapp on you iPhone as well as Android phone. Apple iPhone Users  For all the Apple iPhone users, you need to do the below to hide the last seen timestamp in Whatsapp.  Go to Settings->Chat Settings –> Advanced.  Here, switch off the ‘last seen timestamp’ setting to hide the last online stamp in whatsapp.  For all the Android…

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Apps That Will Bring Both Of YOU Closer

Technology is the only source which can bring a person close to you even if you are miles apart. Technology can be handy if you use it at its best. There are some new apps on android phone which can help you to be in the vicinity of the one you love. You will feel a lot closer than your smart phone’s GPS says; although these apps meant to be private and secure. There is a list of the apps which help you to stay connected 24 hours with your…

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Unlock The Permanently Locked Android

An android user Disha Mathur,  marketing professional from Chandigarh says that she is quite frustrated regarding her android phone-lock because she usually forgets that what pattern or code she has set on his phone. “I have to pay 200-500 almost after every two months. I really want to get rid of this or I would wish to learn the secret of encoding my phone”, she adds Another android user Swayam Kochar also share his problem regarding the unlock system in the android phones. He says, “My 3 year old son…

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Mobile Charger Can Hack an iPhone?

Bad news for iOS based Apple iPhone – now, it can be hacked even by a battery charger. Cyber criminals have build a custom made malicious chargers named MacTans which has the ability to install  malware in your iPhone during charging. It can harm an Apple iPhone running any version of iOS and all it takes is less than a minute to hack into an iPhone. Mactans  – Malicious Chargers, Hackers’ New Tool So, one need to be cautious enough while buying accessories for your iPhone. Don’t simply go for…

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