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Hack Mobile Phones with Top Bluetooth Hacking Softwares

In earlier days, the term hacking was associated with computers or networking but with rapid development in technology, hacking is no longer restricted to computers. New target of hackers is now ‘Mobile Phones’ and especially smartphones which are more susceptible or open to hacking. Bluetooth, as we all know, is a wireless technology which lets us connect to other devices and share information or different files such as music files, photos, videos, etc. With increase in its popularity now-days, we can see every mobile phone is Bluetooth enabled. Other than…

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Things to take into account while unlocking your iPhone

Although locking and unlocking an electronic device has become a common practice today, you can get bewildered when you need to unlock iPhone that you have recently bought.  You can assume that trying to fiddle with your iPhone can be dangerous without any instruction, as it may lead to severe malfunctioning of the same. To be honest, your idea is never wrong and you require expert tips to unlock iPhone. Thus, we are at your service with the necessary guidelines on how to unlock iPhone. Things you should do before…

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Top 10 Free Software Utilities to Recover Deleted Files

Are you worried of losing your data? Are you looking for free software utilities to help you recover your deleted files? If yes, then there are many file recovery tools to help individuals get the files that they have accidentally deleted and the top 10 free tools have been discussed in this article. Top 10 Free Software Tools to Recover Deleted Files The list includes some very famous and common names like Pandora Recovery, Recuva, Undelete Plus. Yet, there are many more which can help you to undelete files. Most…

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Give your Boring Room Walls a Designer Makeover with HP Wall Art

Hewlett Packard (HP), a leader in printing industry launched a unique and first-of-its-kind HP Wall Art technology in India using which you can give a makeover to your boring looking room walls to a much lively designer walls. This is a customized wallpaper printing service which HP is offering via The whole process of personalization of walls is quite easy and interesting which you can do yourself. Below is what Puneet Chadha, Director – Graphics Solutions Business, HP Imaging and Printing Group India said while launching the HP Wall Art…

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5 interesting Facebook Apps to Do More with your Photos Facebook Free Download Freebies Games and Fun Reviews Software Top of Lists 

Most Interesting Facebook Applications for Photos and Animations

Total number of photos currently exist on Facebook has already crossed 50 billion with millions of new photos being added on daily basis. With such a big database of photos and with millions of people using the image/upload feature of Facebook, the need for applications to play and to manage the photos has long been felt. Before sharing with their social circle and friends, they want their photos to look at its best so as to get admired by all and get the best attention from many others. Following are some…

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